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Janice Aponte - Fine Artist

Janice Aponte

Chicago, IL - United States








Janice Aponte

Chicago, IL - United States

Janice Aponte - Fine Artist

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December 3rd, 2013







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About Janice Aponte

Having been born in Ponce, Puerto Rico, I am inherently and relentlessly charismatic. My move to New York City as a child, where I was raised, also helped shaped my character, which would later surface in my work. I was fortunate enough to return to my beloved island during my teenage years, and continued on to college. Armed with a degree in Business, I then made the bold move to Chicago, the place I call home today.
Both as a woman and as an artist, I have transitioned from one phase of life to another, sometimes unwillingly. But it has been through some of the darkest times of my journey, that I have also discovered my strengths. Most of those stories I have documented through my art. As a painter, the journey first began with pencil drawings, then painting. As a woman, my personal experiences have also given me a spirit of willingness to share joy through art with others. You can see it in the soft eyes and strong demeanor of a woman in one of my paintings, or you can sense it in the intense colors and rough textures, thick on the canvas, in another.
Even as a child, I was drawn by art and immersed myself in hours of sketching and drawing. Finding that I could excel in something that came so natural to me, brought me much joy. These moments in time shaped me as a young woman as I held on to the idea that I was a good artist, and that I was growing fonder of it each day.
Although the idea and ability always remained within me, it waited dormant for some years. While I raised a family and pursued my career as an accountant, art patiently waited for the right moment to erupt. And just in time, like a volcano, it came gushing forth when I needed it to the most.
I was in my early thirties, and I had just gone through a divorce. Instinctively, as my mind wandered and pondered the future, my heart took control and my hands started creating. Some of the first pieces reflect my hunger for exploring deeper into my creativity and filling the hollow space where art would reside once again. This time, I was not going to let it get away.
Today, you will see my work encompass a variety of subjects, depending on where the journey has taken me in that particular space and time. Although I work in pencil and charcoal, I also incorporate pastels, acrylic, and some mixed media. But it is when I use oils to paint even the minutest detail, that I can express myself completely and freely, with few limitations. For the last three years, I have incorporated jewelry creations into the Aponte Art collection. The pieces also echo spirit, hope, and endurance as their central theme. I like to think that all of my work elevates art as the purest form of expression and freedom.
Painting takes me to a place where I am unveiled, my soul stripped from all the worldly elements and the warmth of my blood flows and carries the movement of my brush...its a dance, the colors are my music, at late hours in the night...when everyone is dreaming in their sleep, my brush dances over my canvas and I am dreaming too.

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Frida Diego Sin Ti by Janice Aponte


Frida Lagrimas by Janice Aponte


Diego Sin Ti by Janice Aponte


The Taina Love Warrior by Janice Aponte


The African Water Dance 1 by Janice Aponte


Solace by Janice Aponte


Naturalmente Frida by Janice Aponte


Frida Kahlo by Janice Aponte


The Window by Janice Aponte


Dance with me by Janice Aponte


Joy Within by Janice Aponte


Peace Within by Janice Aponte


The Burning Bush by Janice Aponte


El Yunque Abandoned by Janice Aponte


Green Leaf by Janice Aponte


The Iguana by Janice Aponte


Seeds by Janice Aponte


Little Bells by Janice Aponte


Flower Girl at Yunque Waterfall by Janice Aponte


Walking by the Shore Isla Verde by Janice Aponte


The Indian Woman of Old San Juan by Janice Aponte


Old San Juan View by Janice Aponte


Garita del Morro by Janice Aponte


Viejo San Juan by Janice Aponte


Puerto Rican Flag Crashboat by Janice Aponte


Puerto Rican Flag by Janice Aponte


Ancient Cemetery of Old San Juan by Janice Aponte


Marilyn Monroe by Janice Aponte


La Garita by Janice Aponte


Lagartijo verde de Puerto Rico by Janice Aponte


Flores en el Yunque by Janice Aponte


Between the walls and Barwire by Janice Aponte


Fort Old San Juan by Janice Aponte


La Iguana de Isla Verde by Janice Aponte


La Garita en el Viejo San Juan by Janice Aponte


Beyond the Walls of the Fort by Janice Aponte


Ponce Centro by Janice Aponte


Ancient Ruins Greece by Janice Aponte


Pelican at the Guancha Dock Ponce by Janice Aponte


The Chapel by Janice Aponte


Waiting for the Sunset in Santorini by Janice Aponte


Santorini Villa by Janice Aponte


The Man on a Roof Santorini by Janice Aponte


Goddess of Love by Janice Aponte


Pigeon at the Parliament Athens by Janice Aponte


Villas of Santorini by Janice Aponte


The Cross in Santorini by Janice Aponte


Aphrodite Greek Goddess by Janice Aponte

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