Jani Freimann - Fine Artist

Jani Freimann

Port Orchard, WA - United States








Jani Freimann

Port Orchard, WA - United States

Jani Freimann - Fine Artist

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About Jani Freimann

Jani is an award winning water media and graphite artist who specializes in horses and people, but can paint or draw anything. Many of her watercolor paintings have pastel and/or India ink added.
'Sometimes watercolor alone just doesn't capture the depth needed to tell the story. When pastel or ink is added, it seems to complete the piece of art.'

'Lately, I've been exploring a new media - water soluble oils. I love this media because of the easy soap and water clean up and the paint isn't toxic, but otherwise behaves just like traditional oils.'

Her emotive, painterly style is what she calls impressionistic realism.
'Although I am capable of doing photo-real work, I prefer creating works that lean towards a looser rendering of the real and leave a little to the viewer's imagination.'

She also enjoys photography. Her natural ability for composing a painting works for her in composing a photograph.
'I love photography; especially when I find abstract images that look like paintings.'

In her portraiture, she excels in capturing the personality of the person or animal.
'A big part of a likeness is a person's or animal's personality; so, a great deal of attention goes into capturing who they are as a person along with their physical appearance.'
Read More About Jani's Art Journey Here.

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