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Jane Bush

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Jane Bush

Collinsville, IL - United States

Jane Bush - Fine Artist

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About Jane Bush

Hi, I'm Jane! This section was formerly written in the 3rd person, but I always feel like the 'about' sections of websites can come off very pretentious, and as one of my favorite performers Tori Amos once sang, 'There are too many stars and not enough sky'. So I decided to revamp this site and rewrite this section making it a bit more entertaining and tangible to read. I'm not here to say 'HEY LOOK AT ME! I'M IMPORTANT!'. Too many folks doing that these days and I find artists (and people in general) fall into a trap of doing their work for fame, not because they love it. You should always do what you do because you love it. Recognition is lovely, yes, but do what you love for the right reasons.
I'm in my early 30's, and I love what I do. I feel very blessed to say that as I know not everyone can say that. It wasn't always that way, though. I used to be the fat kid in my private school as a child. I hated myself as a kid. I felt like the ugly, fat misfit. The chubster formerly known as little Jane. You know that 'awkward' stage that everyone goes through? My whole childhood was an awkward stage. In order to escape the cruelty of my classmates, I listened to music and drew in my notebooks. I've been doing that since I was about 4 (drawing, that is). I wouldn't change a thing about my life if I could though. It molded me into who I am now. I always stand up for the artists, poets, the underdogs of the world. I'm mainly self taught in my illustrative skills, but I did attended college art courses and graduated with a degree in Visual Communications.

I'm from St. Louis and I live in that area right now, however, I'm hoping to expand and move out west. I have my work (The Contamination Series inspired by MCR) in a gallery currently in Los Angeles (Glendale) at Gallery Godo. I will always love St. Louis though. There's nothing like a concert crowd in St. Louis vs. other major cities I've photographed and attended shows in. We love our favorite bands passionately and loyally. We're not 'too cool' or ashamed of showing it.

When I was in my late teens and early 20's, I worked in music department at a local Borders and designed a fan art website for Nine Inch Nails fans, nineinchnailsart.com, which became a successful part of the 'Ninternet' (clever, huh?). Fans submitted their NIN-inspired artwork to the site and it built a great sense of community. It ran successfully for about 3 years. Through work, colleagues, and friends, I was exposed to a lot of culture and wonderful music. I feel very fortunate to have these experiences and be a part of the music related business such as retail and concert photography.

I developed my passion for concert photography after a really tough period in my life. I'd been laid off from a corporate graphic design position thanks to the economy. Nothing uncommon, but it helped me gets some guts to go out there and dare to do what I wanted to do. Shoot live bands and shoot some of my favorite bands. Nearly 4 years later, I feel quite accomplished having shots my favorite bands multiple times and having discovered a lot of music I love now. I'm very grateful for having these opportunities and continue to be a part of them. I shoot for Doom! Magazine, Buzznet, and Notes From The Pit. I also have taken up blogging for Nightfall Unlimited. I currently am shooting shows and doing custom illustrations/artwork for clients which you can see on this site and on my facebook page. You can contact me there for questions if interested in hiring me.

I try to encourage people in their photography and artistic talents. I have met quite a few very talented individuals and it's amazing what they can do and it's rewarding to see them get outside their comfort zone and dare to live out their goals. Other than that, I have a very beautiful, funny, and smart boy who is the apple of my eye. I hope to keep discovering and bringing my vision to this world as this life is too short to waste it on a meaningless existence. Go create!

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