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Irma Backelant Galleries

Cape Coral, Fl - United States

Irma Backelant Galleries - Fine Artist

Irma Backelant Galleries

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More Than Just Photography

We are accustomed to viewing photography in terms of the relationship of light, composition and subject matter.

When creating digital art,I changes the relevance of these elements either via the elaboration, distortion, elimination or combination of the existing shapes, colors, or subject matter in the original photo.I further add vibrancy or mutation of the existing colors through the addition of new colors, or tones, shades and hues. Thus changing the elements and therefore, the perception of the initial photo which I considers my blank palette or jumping off point if you will.

A well known photographer and writer, Freeman Patterson, once wrote 'We think with three kinds of images - the kind we observe (physical objects), the kind we imagine (visual ideas and dreams), and the kind we create (a sketch, painting, or photograph).'

I think of myself more as a digital artist than a pure photographer and try to think in the three planes that Freemen mentions. I see the object, I hopefully produce a good photographic image and then I create a new entity via my imagination and digital editing, I do so by following my curiosity and sense of the aesthetic to move the object beyond the realm of reality to an altered reality, a different or enhanced perception if you will.The end result is a juxtaposition of existing elements in the original photo to an artistic rendering and sometimes edgy expression of my eclectic imagination.

I have been doing photographic art, both representational and interpretative for three years now and have hung my work in 10 galleries in the Denver metro area.

For representational photography, my preference is close ups and macro photos. to show the world we usually pass by. I am basically self taught. I enjoy putting quotes to much of my work to display the world with a new perception, thus my love of posters.

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