Hugo Bussen - Fine Artist

Hugo Bussen

Castricum, Noord-Holland - Netherlands








Hugo Bussen

Castricum, Noord-Holland - Netherlands

Hugo Bussen - Fine Artist

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About Hugo Bussen

Hugo Bussen was born January 31, 1953 in Katwijk a/d Rijn, Netherlands. He attended Photography College in his twenties and worked diligently as an apprentice in a local photo shop creating picture perfect photos which was no surprise to those that were certain Hugo was destined to become a Master Photographer!

Since the early eighties, Hugo has performed and showcased his fine art photography throughout various countries such as the Netherlands, Italy and Germany. In addition, Hugo has exhibited in Moscow, Russia and in New York, United States at private art gatherings of art collectors from around the world. His work has been recognized and credited by some of the greatest and most well received publications. Cosmopolitan published Hugo’s travel photographs, highlighting beautiful models in romantic scenarios. In the beginning Hugo learned a lot from the great master of romance, David Hamilton however, over the years he developed his own unique style of art. As a result Hugo’s extraordinary style became a huge success with interior designers and was sought after by the elite. Everyone desired to own a Hugo original!

Hugo’s fans marveled over his refreshing additions to his collection when he introduces landscape and still life photography, in which he still captures the romantic elements of his subjects and is undoubtedly unique in style and performance (use of color and sublime lighting).

As of recent, Hugo received an International Society of Master Photographer’s title in England and still this humble yet skillful artist was quoted, “My best picture is yet to be made”.

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Dark woods by Hugo Bussen


Lemons on cloth by Hugo Bussen


Blue bells by Hugo Bussen


Bramasole by Hugo Bussen


Boeren jasmijn by Hugo Bussen


The Shed by Hugo Bussen


Olive Tree by Hugo Bussen


Apples in a basket by Hugo Bussen


Plain Italian Beauty by Hugo Bussen


Belvedere by Hugo Bussen


Still life with cherries mug and drapery by Hugo Bussen


Angel Trumpet by Hugo Bussen


Gran Sasso by Hugo Bussen


Vineyard by Hugo Bussen


Montone Abruzzo by Hugo Bussen


Weed by Hugo Bussen


Dunes by Hugo Bussen


No Title by Hugo Bussen


Italian fantasy by Hugo Bussen


Message from the past by Hugo Bussen


Golden Grapes by Hugo Bussen


Bread and wine by Hugo Bussen


Mosciano Sant Angelo by Hugo Bussen


Fresco lilies by Hugo Bussen

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