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Holly Carmichael

Antioch, TN - United States








Holly Carmichael

Antioch, TN - United States

Holly Carmichael - Fine Artist

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About Holly Carmichael

Artistically and creatively, religion, philosophy, science, science fiction, evolution, humans and animals, astronomy and the cosmos rev up my imagination. Dramatic skies, amazing weather events, geological treasures, and fantastic landscapes intrigue me. Being a nature lover, things natural make their way into my depictions whether imaginary or real. I engage in symbolism or meanings and values in many of my works. All of God's creations of Beings and things in the Universe of Universes is an amazing, infinite, inspiration to me. And, the religion of Jesus as opposed to the religion about him wows me, and so, it infiltrates my work in some way or other. I am grateful for all this amazing guidance and wonderful influence in my life. Sometimes I create a piece that represents a value, moral, religious or philosophical saying. I use expression and impression as well as gestural and sometimes abstract styles and methods. I often leave something to the imagination of the viewer, or I put something in to find. Mostly I seek to present art that is uplifting and beautiful which in some way will be a benefit and a blessing to you. I hope you enjoy my artwork! 

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All work in this gallery is the original work of Holly Jan Heisley Carmichael. It is copyrighted to Holly Jan Heisley Carmichael and, as such, is protected by US and International Copyright laws. All rights reserved. Reproduction and/or retransmission of all or any part of this gallery are prohibited under copyright law this includes via Twitter, Facebook and any or all other social networking sites/domains, or unauthorized internet venues. Users desiring to reproduce or retransmit all or any part of this gallery must first secure in WRITING the appropriate copyright and other authorization or permission from Holly Jan Heisley Carmichael. This work is not in the Public Domain.

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