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Guy Ricketts

Livonia, MI - United States








Guy Ricketts

Livonia, MI - United States

Guy Ricketts - Fine Artist

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About Guy Ricketts

I graduated from Madonna University in 1988 with a BA in Commercial Art and one credit hour shy of a BA in Fine Art.
I love taking pictures. It is an addiction. I have my camera with me EVERYWHERE, and I often see an irresistable shot practically EVERYWHERE. It's fun. It's exciting. Capturing an image that freezes a moment, holds an interesting visual and often puts an artistic spin on the everyday sights is just plain fun. And I love it.
Having others see my pictures and enjoying them makes it all the more pleasant and enjoyable. That's how I went from buying my first digital camera a couple years ago to posting my photos on Fine Art America. I consider this a healthy addiction, and I doubt there is a cure. At least I wouldn't want to have one if there is.

For taking photos I have my Canon PowerShot SD1300 IS 'point-and-shoot' camera. Look to the time someday when I have full photographic equipment and a proper camera.

I hope you enjoy my photos and visit here often. Thanks for reading.

2012 Guy Ricketts. All rights reserved. Copies of this image only allowed with expressed and written permission of Guy Ricketts.
All work in this gallery is the original work of Guy Ricketts, copyrighted to Guy Ricketts and, as such, is protected by US and International Copyright laws, even after purchase of original.

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I Am Tree by Guy Ricketts


Once We Were Happy by Guy Ricketts


Sprinkles of Autumn by Guy Ricketts


Fort Street Presbyterian Church by Guy Ricketts


Strange Tree by Guy Ricketts


A Good Place To Turn Around by Guy Ricketts


Where Flowers Never Hide by Guy Ricketts


Those Gnarled Branches by Guy Ricketts


Through This Sky by Guy Ricketts


What Place What Time by Guy Ricketts


These Golden Flowers by Guy Ricketts


A Test of a Virtue by Guy Ricketts


The Arbitrary Wing of Time by Guy Ricketts


Daylily Greeting by Guy Ricketts


Ode to a Doorknob by Guy Ricketts


Her Leafy Arms by Guy Ricketts


Where My Soul Can See by Guy Ricketts


All Their Dreams by Guy Ricketts


Where the Daisies Are by Guy Ricketts


I Wonder What Leaves Think by Guy Ricketts


The Companion Shadow by Guy Ricketts


If Longer Nights Grow Longest by Guy Ricketts


I Never Turned My Back by Guy Ricketts


A Murmer in the Trees by Guy Ricketts

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   |   Images = 1454





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