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Gregory Anthony Stone

Ridgefield Park, NJ - United States








Gregory Anthony Stone

Ridgefield Park, NJ - United States

Gregory Anthony Stone - Fine Artist

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About Gregory Anthony Stone

This self-taught Artist was born May 2, Jersey City New Jersey and raised in West New York,NJ.Attended Pkoenix School of Design,NYC Sept.-Dec.1968 one semester on scholarship.Studied painting under Leland Bell at the NY Studio School jJan.-Mar.1969 for three months

I have lived a long life in my 65 years My biggest regret is the fact that I was not able to continue the path of the scholar,i.e.,a higher education.I believe had I continued such a path,I would have been a fine teacher of Art.Alas,it was not in the cards for me and most of my life I workred the 9 to 5 occupations to pay the bills,yet always creating in what little free time I had.I suppose you could refer to me as that proverbial ' Sunday Painter ',a moniker I often scoffed at and detested.Now in my 6th decade of life I could give 2 shits what moniker attached to me,

I recall as a wee lad of 2-3 years the 1st crayon piece I created as a toddler ' a Duck in a Pond 'while sitting on the kitchen floor and the joy it brought my Mum and rest of the family.I guess being an Artist started at that precise moment.

Jul 29,2011 I sufferred a spinal injury which paralyzed me.After a successful spinal operation and 3 &1/2 months of PT/OT.My hands have come back,yet some days are better than others.Walking can still be difficult at times.Before the accident I had started to experiment with Digital imagery,and greatly used it in my rehabilitation.It certainly helped me stay sane and strayed me away from the darkest of thoughts.

The most importent thing in my heart and soul concerning Art is the enjoyment of creating.True,at times,it can bring frustration, the Artist is never satisfied,it seems.And yet one has that need to create.Do it to enjoy it,.please yourself ,never get caught up in the mindset of will she,he or it like it?You are putting your Soul on display.Sometimes there are bad souls among the good ones.Work at it and forget yourself.Early 80's

Much of my work has a story, but often I don't offer anything in description other than the title.I do intend to correct that.I like to use humor in some pieces and then some echo a darkness.I 've had my share of ups & downs in this life, suffering with depression issues and then paralysis of which I was able to conquer to an extent,.Art has always managed to sustain/help me weather the storms, creating work myself or viewing and enjoying work by others.Art is life to me,it s just something I have to do.Try it,pick up a brush or a crayon,you might like it !

I have signed my work G. Stoney,Gregory Stone(Pre-80's work),Gregory A. Stone & presently always Write GASMS on back of each,i.e. (Gregory Anthony Samuel Maynard Stone).No I am not confused nor wish to confuse the buyer.It seem s there a a few Artist Gregory Stones out there A Gregory Stone in Ma.,Greg Stone in NYC and I believe a photographer on FAA.When you buy a work from me,you receive a true Gasms plus a roll of Tums,lol.

I have signed my work G. Stone (early teen yrs.),Gregory Stone ( up until early 80's after I discovered a listed artist,Gregory Stone from MA. in an American Artist mag),Gregory A. Stone ( most pieces),G. Stoney & Gregory Stoney.I try to put GASMS (Gregory Anthony Samuel Maynard Stone) on back of each work.If you see a GASMS,you know it's me !

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New Upload by Gregory Anthony Stone


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