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Gina Hyde

Panama City, FL - United States








Gina Hyde

Panama City, FL - United States

Gina Hyde - Fine Artist

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July 16th, 2013







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About Gina Hyde

When it comes to art, I am bold to say I love doing stuff that's in my head rather from a picture or a person.Though on request I do poyraits of people and animals from time to time. If I really like the picture it I go and make the picture my own with permission. Though alot of people always ask me why not flowers or buildings.. I say see another artist, not being mean,but because that's not what I love to draw or paint. I think as an artist you have to put passion into your art and be inspired. You can always learn from others.
With that being said I don't have just one type of art and media or style. In fact I jump. It is not liking it,but in simple fact that is how my brain works. I see the art with in that aspect of medium and put it down on the negative or positve spacing whether it be on canvas or paper or clay or other things. Been like that since I was little and still love and showing off. I hope you emjoy some of my work and thank you for visiting.
If you have any questions please feal free to msg me on my art .

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Fortune of Pride by Gina Hyde


Gods Of Chaos by Gina Hyde


Under Water Sunset by Gina Hyde


Floating Spirit by Gina Hyde


Wood Fairy Coming Out by Gina Hyde


Fairies' Glow by Gina Hyde


Party With Me by Gina Hyde


Underwater Imagination by Gina Hyde


Turtle Duo by Gina Hyde


Coral Mermaid by Gina Hyde


Asleep by Gina Hyde


Passion by Gina Hyde


Spirit Water Horse by Gina Hyde


Binding Tree by Gina Hyde


Hang Over Fairy by Gina Hyde


Perfect Bathroom Painting by Gina Hyde


Fairy's Song by Gina Hyde


My Preciouse by Gina Hyde


Fluffy Kitty-Feed Me by Gina Hyde


Freedome by Gina Hyde


Kitty In The Wind by Gina Hyde


Torn Apart by Gina Hyde


Biscuit In the Water by Gina Hyde


Roll Over by Gina Hyde

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   |   Images = 81





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