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Gina Femrite

Mililani, HI - United States








Gina Femrite

Mililani, HI - United States

Gina Femrite - Fine Artist

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About Gina Femrite

Gina Femrite began cultivating her artistic abilities at an early age under the guidance and mentorship of her father Johann Strater, a European Impressionist. As an incredibly talented and innovative artist her passion, dedication, and vision has acclaimed her the status of an accomplished, and well sought after artist among other contemporaries of this time. Her primary inspiration came from her love of both the Flemish masters and the French impressionists. From that influence Gina developed her own unique style, a mixture of realism interwoven with a contemporary flair. The body of her work entails paintings that celebrate the soft beauty of the female figure, wildlife that captures the accuracy of the physique and movement of the animals, and also the spirit of the grandeur of nature. In some of the artwork the palette is bold and full of contrast, where other paintings have a soft and airy beauty. All pieces are a masterful creation in composition, color, harmony, and technique. Gina has won many awards and recognition as an artist and illustrator. She has created an international following of corporate and private collectors. Her work has been purchased for reproductions by many prestigious publishing houses.


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Chickadee visiting the water pump by Gina Femrite


The secret Garden by Gina Femrite


Winter scene with robins and church by Gina Femrite


Chickadees in blossom tree by Gina Femrite


Sunset with Ohio Marblehead Lighthouse by Gina Femrite


Crisp point lighthouse at sunset by Gina Femrite


North Head lighthouse at a stormy day by Gina Femrite


Cape Lookout Lighthouse North Carolina at Sunset by Gina Femrite


Oregon Lighthouse Beam of hope by Gina Femrite


Boston Harbor Lighthouse Moonlight scene by Gina Femrite


Michigan Seul Choix Point Lighthouse with an Angry Sea by Gina Femrite


Cape Blanco Oregon Lighthouse on Rocky Shores by Gina Femrite


Beam of Hope in Black and White by Gina Femrite


Big Sable Point Lighthouse with crashing waves by Gina Femrite


Oregon lighthouse Cape Blanco in black white and red by Gina Femrite


Ocean under the evening glow by Gina Femrite


Coquille River Lighthouse at HighTide by Gina Femrite


The Taj Mahal Shrine of Beauty by Gina Femrite


The panda bear and the Great Wall of China by Gina Femrite


Wolf howling memory by Gina Femrite


Wolf on the Doorstep of Civilization by Gina Femrite


White Tiger and the Taj Mahal Image of Beauty by Gina Femrite


Black Panther Custodian of Ancient Temple Ruins by Gina Femrite


Jaguar in the shadow of Machu Picchu Peru by Gina Femrite


Blue heron In the circle of light by Gina Femrite


Encounter with the iron hors by Gina Femrite


Funny pet print with a tipsy kitty by Gina Femrite


Funny Pet Vacationing Kitty by Gina Femrite


Funny pet a wine bibbing kitty by Gina Femrite


Funny pet talking on the phone by Gina Femrite


St. Patrick's day Irish cat sitting on a pot of gold by Gina Femrite


Witchy black Halloween Cat by Gina Femrite


Crushing Waves and Rockformation by Gina Femrite


Hello from a Kitty by Gina Femrite


Afternoon stroll by Gina Femrite


Kittens in designer ladies Shoes by Gina Femrite


Bowling Hound by Gina Femrite


Terrier golfing putting greens by Gina Femrite


Muscle boy Boxer lifting weights by Gina Femrite


funny pet scene tennis playing Doberman by Gina Femrite


Humorous Tree Frog Playing the Flute by Gina Femrite


Humorous scene frog playing cello in lily pond by Gina Femrite


Humorous Frog Plying Saxophone by Gina Femrite


Humorous Tree Frog Playing a Fiddle by Gina Femrite


Horse Painting Escaping the Storm by Gina Femrite


Equestrian horse painting Distand Thunder by Gina Femrite


Horse Painting Distant Thunder by Gina Femrite


Horse Painting A dream of running wild by Gina Femrite

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   |   Images = 81




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