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Gerald Strine

Pinckney, MI - United States








Gerald Strine

Pinckney, MI - United States

Gerald Strine - Fine Artist

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About Gerald Strine

The Fine art America water mark will not be on any purchased art work.
First thank you for taking a moment to view my works your feed back is appreciated as well as hopefully your purchase.
From my earliest days I have had a passion for all things related to nature and the natural world. At an early age my love and respect for nature and animals was developed through me participating in nature through fishing, hunting, photography, hiking, and the hobby of entomology. It was, and still is common to see me running around with a bug net studying, collecting, and mounting for preservation insects of all sorts. These activities may not get you into the “in” crowd but I was never concerned about that. I do believe though that it has shaped me and what I choose to reflect in my art and photography. I started to first draw in my early teens by trying to reproduce the art in the Golden Guides reference books on mammals. I was surprised to find that I could get some decent results if I took my time and tweaked my lines a little . I continued to draw here and there, not really steady though until I graduated high school. After graduation I was so busy working, socializing, and trying to make ends meet that I did not draw anything for over 30 years. Until one day when my son found some old drawings I had rolled up in a tube in the basement. He brought them upstairs and showed them to me and remarked that he never knew that I could draw and that I was good. My sons comment and me seeing my old work got me thinking about how I missed art in my life. I decided to go out and buy some drawing paper, but it took another year before I used it. Shortly after my reintroduction to drawing I had bought a set of colored pencils and have been enjoying learning this new media ever since.

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The Odd Couple by Gerald Strine


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Winter berries by Gerald Strine


One planet for all by Gerald Strine


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Snow Old Man Winter by Gerald Strine


African King by Gerald Strine


Lion Eyes African King Detail by Gerald Strine


Notre Dame Cathedral While Paris Sleeps by Gerald Strine


Gargoil Detail by Gerald Strine


Feeding Bat Detail by Gerald Strine


The allure of the rod by Gerald Strine


Manatee close encounter by Gerald Strine


Swimming with the Manatee by Gerald Strine

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