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Gallery enjoybeautiful

Astrakhan, ASTRAKHANS - Russian Federation








Gallery enjoybeautiful

Astrakhan, ASTRAKHANS - Russian Federation

Gallery enjoybeautiful  - Fine Artist

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February 2nd, 2012







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new vision is to be a catalyst for change, mobilizing a global community of ambitious women
entrepreneurs seeking to advance the world through technology...
it is simple and easy - add your art work :)
- authors of photographs of paintings
find buyers for their works,
- Interested persons of their authors......
More .. movement spread around the globe, eventually affecting the visual arts, literature, film, and music of many countries and languages,
as well as political thought and practice, philosophy, and social theory.

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Keep Memory of Fallen Astronauts by Alisa Tek


Planetarium by Alisa Tek


Without A Title by Alisa Tek


SOUTH gazebo - Black Sea by Alisa Tek


Black Sea Sochy by Alisa Tek


Piramida by Alisa Tek


Wonderland by Alisa Tek


Arbat Art Street 2 by Alisa Tek


Arbat Art Street 1 by Alisa Tek


Arbat 1 by Alisa Tek


Whirlwind by Alis Tek


Waiting by Alis Tek


a moment of Silence. by Alis Tek


Jousting Princess by Alisa Tek


Fairgrounds by Alisa Tek


Joust 1 by Alisa Tek


Sandy sculpture by Vit


evening Sky by AlT


Autumn by Al T


winds of Change by AlT


In The Mirror by Al T


Gemstone Ring by Alisa Tek


The Light Keeper by Alisa Tek


Waiting for the next big wave by Alisa Tek


Art street 2 Winner Take Nothing by Alisa Tek


Prise 2012 to arrive at truths one has never known by Alisa Tekhtilova


Prize Audience Choice Award by Alisa Tekhtilova


No comment by Alisa Tek


Art street 1 by Alisa Tek


Apple Flowers by Alisa Tek


Summer - cat 1 by Alisa Tek


Summer cat without a grin by Alisa Tek


Cat by Alisa Tek



Lilac by Alisa Tek


So strong is the belief in life by Alisa Tek


Easter white roses by Alisa Tek


Easter swans by Alisa Tek


Ways Of Thinking Feeling And Acting by Alisa Tek


Why Fireworks by Alisa Tek


Sunset clouds by Alisa Tek


Young Amazons.. by Alisa Tek


Now In Theater by Alisa Tek


Discovery 1 Bird Flew by Alisa Tek


Summer - Tulip Red Revival by Alisa Tek

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