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Galen Valle

Chiang Mai - Thailand

Galen Valle - Fine Artist

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About Galen Valle

Digital mixed media artist. Notorious genre-jumper.

Iím an artist specializing (mostly) in digital mixed media, digital paintings, illustrations, and photo manipulations. My influence is mostly early to mid 20th century modern art. I often use elements of the styles of that period to create contemporary art using present-day subject matter and media. The goal is to to build bridges between past and present art styles and evoke moods and feelings that are relevant to life today Ė but that also donít forget the past.

The art is intended to appeal to individuals. People who donít have to be told what to like. People who know who they are. People who are not too impressed by throw-away popular culture and kitsch. People who follow the beat of their own drummer. For those people, I create characters, I tell stories and I try to evoke moods. The characters are often damaged in one way or another; The stories range from the obvious to the opaque Ė and the moods are usually dark with an overtone of skeptical optimism. The art is about all of us, and I sincerely hope at least some of it speaks to you in some way.

Commissioned work includes custom portraits, book covers, art for children, posters, book illustrations, album cover art, prop art & set dressing artwork for films and television Ė as well as various other artwork for both digital and print use.

The work contained in my gallery is copyright ©2014 Galen Valle. All rights reserved. My work may not be reproduced, copied, edited, published, transmitted or uploaded in any way without my written permission.

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Rouge by Galen Valle


Reminders by Galen Valle


Abstract Bellydancer by Galen Valle


Violin by Galen Valle


Meteors by Galen Valle


Suspects by Galen Valle


Ghosts by Galen Valle


Blue Grotto Siren by Galen Valle


Oopsie by Galen Valle


Agents by Galen Valle


Moonshadows by Galen Valle


Crossings by Galen Valle


Ledges Emotive Portrait by Galen Valle


Miasma Plague Doctor by Galen Valle


Chrysalis by Galen Valle


Sylvan by Galen Valle


Departure by Galen Valle


Dark Angel by Galen Valle


Fences Abstract Portrait by Galen Valle


Ashes by Galen Valle


Pages Abstract Portrait by Galen Valle


Tribes by Galen Valle


Silent Treatment by Galen Valle


Zebra by Galen Valle

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