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Gabriela Taylor

Doncaster, South Yorkshire - United Kingdom








Gabriela Taylor

Doncaster, South Yorkshire - United Kingdom

Gabriela Taylor - Fine Artist

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About Gabriela Taylor

I was born in Bucharest, the capital of Romania, and as a child I used to spent most of my holidays in the countryside at my grandparentsí. The love of art came to me very early in my childhood and the time spent in nature left my imagination free and enriched with the most beautiful images.
At the age of 14, I started to write my first poems and continued till the age of 18 when I published for the first time in a college magazine and won some local writing competitions.
I believe that art was for me a way of self-expression, an impulse to show others the different ways of rearranging my reality in my unique own order.
In 2001 I started my studies at the University of Bucharest and finished my degree in social work in 2005.
Although my life changed in another direction for a while, my love for talking about our inner experiences grew even more. My interest in psychology and philosophy helped me to define and express the concepts that I had developed about the equilibrium between myself and my art.
Working as a social worker was an opportunity to add more depth to the image of the human feelings and ways of self-expression.
At the beginning of 2007 I decided to emigrate to England and challenge myself by starting a new life in a country that once was the land of my dreams. Here I got married and found for the first time a great opportunity to follow my dream as an artist. The choice I made has been supported by my husband to whom I owe all that I am in the present.

For me art is my way of understanding and sharing with others the miracle of life. Creating is for me the primordial force that allows me to descend into the mysterious side of our reality and bring to the surface the unexpected aspects of objects, emotions, feelings, relations. With my art I want to create works that others can find themselves in, to urge them to discover their own spirituality.
An inspiration in my works is life itself with its mystery and miracle. Human experiences, condition and connection with nature are the main themes found in my works. I love to transform things around me, associating ideas in a metaphorical way of thinking. Giving life to the objects and showing the unseen energy that binds them together. I create images seen with the eyes of my mind and project them from the world of dreams into physical reality. In creating my own style I was influenced by such iconic figures of modern art as Dali, Picasso and Boccioni but also some old Italian masters such as Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and Bernini.
The majority of my creations are painted with acrylic on large scale canvas, however sometimes I use different mediums to build certain heavy textures to give more depth and vibrancy to the entire picture. Usually I capture my ideas in sketches and afterwards I select my favourite one as a draft for my next painting. When I start a painting I like to use a knife to build layers of paint that I then allow to dry. Using a palette of colours that would best reflect the concept, I create the background as the base upon which I will develop all the other elements. The designs of the forms found in my paintings intend to express the movement and continuous flow of energy embedding all the elements in an almost unitary structure.
The themes of my works are mixed with a reflection of what Romanian culture has left as a finger print upon my mind and spirit. The predominant blue represents the essence of the spiritual light, the colour that feeds my canvas with the feeling of peace, love and sometimes melancholy.
My art is a contemplation of a world filled with grace and lit from within, a response to the revelation of the spirituality found behind all things.

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