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Chicago, ILLINOIS - United States









Chicago, ILLINOIS - United States

MendyZ - Fine Artist

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October 8th, 2009







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About MendyZ

MendyZ is the Resident Fine art artist at Exclusive Canvas Art | A Chicago Art Gallery. The most amazing art at the best prices. and

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Landscape Beach Mountain Seascape South France by MendyZ


Portrait Matt Damon Jason Bourne Movie by MendyZ


Brown and Teal Geometric Abstract with Texture glass and gold flakes by MendyZ


Colorful Nude Female Figure Seated in Pink Purple and Blue by MendyZ


Tulips Still life in Red in rounded Vase with water and Pink and Blue and green Table flowers MendyZ by MendyZ


Chaos Inverted pregnant sculpture blue yellow symbols buckeyball black hole celestial space stars by MendyZ


Trinity of Contemporary Flying Dove Birds in Yellow Purple and Blue by MendyZ M Zimmerman


Portrait of Jenny Friedman who never gave up. figure portrait in pink purple and blue Downs Syndrome by MendyZ M Zimmerman


Lost in Thought Green Pink Magenta Purple with cherry blossom tree bridge Mountain Rock after Hiking by MendyZ M Zimmerman


Octopus swimming in the ocean with adorable arms and a cute head in blue yellow red orange and eye by MendyZ M Zimmerman


Portrait Melting of Anonymous Mask chan wikileak occupy guy fawkes sopa mpaa pirate lulz reddit by M Zimmerman MendyZ


Chicago Watertower michigan ave gold coast skyline building architecture in purple red orange fire by MendyZ M Zimmerman


Copy of Rembrandt Portrait of a Lady with Ostrich Feather Fan by MendyZ M Zimmerman


Chicago Night Skyline with Lake Sail Boats on water Buildings and Architecture in Blue Orange Green by M Zimmerman MendyZ


Rainbow Piano Keyboard Twist in Acrylic Paint with Sheet Music Notes in Blue Yellow Orange Red by M Zimmerman MendyZ


Feeling the Blues on Piano in Magenta Orange Red in D Major with Black and White Keys of Music by M Zimmerman MendyZ


Old Woman Lighting Candles in Cathedral in Purple and Yellow by MendyZ M Zimmerman


Young Nude Female Teen in Black Gold Holding her Hands by her Hips in an Introspective Erotic Pose by M Zimmerman


The Flash Comic Book Superhero Character Flash Gordon Lightning in Red Yellow Acrylic Cotton Canvas by M Zimmerman MendyZ


Agony and Atlas Sketch Watercolor Throwing the World as he Transforms Life From a Burden to Freedom by MendyZ M Zimmerman


Agony and Atlas Sketch of Him Throwing the World onto Her as he Transforms Life Burden to Freedom by MendyZ M Zimmerman


Male Nude Figure Drawing Sketch with Power Dynamics Struggle Angst Fear and Trepidation in Charcoal by MendyZ M Zimmerman


Yellow Orange Expressionist Nude Female Figure Statue Coming Alive Bold Anatomy Painting by MendyZ M Zimmerman


Emerald Green and Blue Expressionist Nude Female Figure Painting Filled with Emotion and Movement by MendyZ M Zimmerman

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   |   Images = 122





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