Shadrach Ensor - Fine Artist

Shadrach Ensor

Hagerstown, MD - United States








Shadrach Ensor

Hagerstown, MD - United States

Shadrach Ensor - Fine Artist

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About Shadrach Ensor

Just a little about me:
The artwork shown on this site is made by the artist: Shadrach Ensor. I'm 22 and live in a small town trying to get recognized to move to the city that never sleeps.
I paint and design custom signs and pinstriping , also I draw and paint portraits , landscapes, animals and ect.
Artwork can be purchased to make a great gift, or to enrich your rooms in your house, that people will be admiring your place. As you will see overtime my art varies such as my inspirational ideas arise. My artwork is original, and may be done in various media. I also can do art upon request to satisfy your needs, such as portraits landscapes pop or ideas or dreams you may have. I'm looking forward for new customers and support from all. Feel free to tell your friends and family, and bookmark me:)

Artist speaks his mind..
Art is so amazing and unique to me, because it has so many values.
Also art can have a very intense meaning in the picture or object , and we all don't look at it in the same way.
thats what makes art so mind crushing and unique,
we all see the painting or object in different ways..
mostly you will see it according to your life and creations.
example: painting of ocean and mom standing near it.
1st person might just see it as a painting of a woman by the ocean
2nd person might see it as lady might be wanting to swim
artist or another person might look more into the paintings aspect, they might see the ocean as the tears of the lady or maybe mean a pure woman.,. or so on.. get the point.
next time dont look at the picture look beyond it and what it could mean,
water could mean cold smooth thirsty rain tears soft and etc. So anyway look more into it if you want to see whats so great about the artwork.


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Tiger by Shadrach Ensor


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Promiscuous Identity by Shadrach Ensor


Sunrise End by Shadrach Ensor


Winter's Frost by Shadrach Ensor

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