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Ed Gleichman

Miami, FL - United States

Ed Gleichman - Fine Artist

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About Ed Gleichman

Iíve been a photographer most of my life, starting very young with a Kodak Instamatic camera. There were a few others over some years and in my mid-twenties a Canon EOS 630 (film camera) which I used extensively. Then I quit for a while. Canít say I know why, life happens.

Some years ago I decided I would commit to what I knew had long been an important part of my life. It has been good in many ways, mostly because it lets me see the world around me as a place to enjoy and share. There is much that goes on around us that is negative and depressing, to say the least. It lifts my spirits to find other views that show there is much to be grateful for and much that others might find inspiring although they might never get the chance to see it, maybe because they can't get to that place or because that place may not exist in the future, at least not the way it is now.

As with many others, Ansel Adams had something to do with where they went with their art. In my case, what I learned is that there is a lot of work involved (if you want to do it well) before, during, and mostly, after an image is taken. A transformation takes place that, in my case, I take some pains to direct. To me, capturing the image, in itself, is an important but small part and is usually not enough. Not to say you can't get lucky, but at the very least, I try to make sure that what you see is of very high quality and that you won't be disappointed by the results.

I welcome any comments about my photographs or about the articles on my site, as they are an opportunity to learn and grow. Thank you for visiting and taking the time to look at what I have to offer. Hopefully, you can take a few steps with me in our journey and view some of what I've had the fortune to experience. I hope your spirits are lifted by what I share with you and thank you for your support.

Thanks again,

Ed Gleichman
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All art and photography is copyright: © Edward Gleichman, All Rights Reserved.

Important Note for Licensing of Images:
None of my images have a model or property release unless specifically stated in the Description of the image.

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The Nassau Harbor Light by Ed Gleichman


Clouds Part at the Grand Canyon by Ed Gleichman


18th Hole at Costa Del Sol by Ed Gleichman


A Wood Stork in South Florida by Ed Gleichman


18th At Doral by Ed Gleichman


Miami Children's Museum II by Ed Gleichman


Miami Children's Museum by Ed Gleichman


Alligator in the Reeds by Ed Gleichman


Little Blue Heron by Ed Gleichman


Square and Compass by Ed Gleichman


Green and Fuchsia Coleus by Ed Gleichman


Watchtower by Ed Gleichman


Cypress Trees in the Everglades by Ed Gleichman


Working Hunter Rider Ready For a Show by Ed Gleichman


Hunter and Rider by Ed Gleichman


South Beach by Ed Gleichman


Bell Chimes by Ed Gleichman


Storm Passes the Grand Canyon by Ed Gleichman


Three Lilies by Ed Gleichman


Pompano Beach by Ed Gleichman


Jupiter Lighthouse and Inlet by Ed Gleichman


Buttonwood Sundown by Ed Gleichman


False Red Yucca Blooms by Ed Gleichman


Texas State Capitol by Ed Gleichman


Highway to Flagstaff by Ed Gleichman


A Small Peak by Ed Gleichman


A Bimini Curly-tailed Lizard by Ed Gleichman


Turbot Nassau Bahamas by Ed Gleichman


The Nassau Lighthouse by Ed Gleichman


Evening Leaving Nassau Harbor by Ed Gleichman


Lighthouse and British Colonial Hilton at Nassau by Ed Gleichman


Golden Evening by Ed Gleichman


Courthouse Butte From the Ranger Station by Ed Gleichman


Highway 179 Toward Sedona by Ed Gleichman


Great Egret by Ed Gleichman


Putting Green Flags by Ed Gleichman


Orange Lilies by Ed Gleichman


Hortense the Beautiful by Ed Gleichman


Gorges of the Grand Canyon by Ed Gleichman


Mist Over the Canyon by Ed Gleichman


View Toward Vishnu by Ed Gleichman


Nassau Harbor Lighthouse by Ed Gleichman


A Small Pond by Ed Gleichman


Cheyenne at Port by Ed Gleichman


Clarksville Customs House by Ed Gleichman


County Courthouse Bell and Church Spire by Ed Gleichman


The Alhambra Water Tower by Ed Gleichman


The Biltmore Pool by Ed Gleichman

Search Within This Portfolio

   |   Images = 610




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