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Dorota Kudyba

Zamosc - Poland

Dorota Kudyba - Fine Artist

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About Dorota Kudyba

Dorota Kudyba, born in 1977, is professional artist specializing in equine subject.

Dorota started painting at early age, which allowed her to create visions that were impossible to reach in real life. She graduated from the University of Life Sciences in Lublin, Poland, with a degree in Horse Husbandry and Riding. She moved to England, where she spent nearly 10 years working as a hunting yard manager. It was in England, where she finally made her dreams come true and worked with the most reputable equine trainers and breeders.

Dorota has won a prestigious Photography Competition by VWH Hunt in England,
Reader's Digest Photo Competition 'Horse and Rider' and many more. Her photos and paintings have been published in several equine magazines.

In 2013 she became a judge of Digital Art Category at Ex Arte Equinus 6- International Art Competition.

Digital technology allows her to generate magical, dreamy, and surreal worlds that show beauty and majesty of horses. She also works in traditional media like pastel, ink, pencil, and acrylics.

Dorota accepts commission requests for photo manipulation and animal portraits, which she will create from photos provided to her.

Currently Dorota lives in Zamosc, Poland, with her husband Hubert, their little son Oliver, cats, and two mares, Begonia and Anastasia. 'Begonia is my guide angel and has never failed me in the 17 years I've had her, but Anastasia- the gray shire- is the muse and feeds my artistic palate'. Dorota beautifuly but simply states, 'I follow the horses path. The horse made me who I am. I belong to them.'

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In Tall Grass by Dorota Kudyba


Black Elegant Beauty by Dorota Kudyba


Mountain View by Dorota Kudyba


The Joy Of Winter by Dorota Kudyba


Red Mane by Dorota Kudyba


Divine Soul by Dorota Kudyba


Breaking Free by Dorota Kudyba


Mr Spring by Dorota Kudyba


Spring Arrival by Dorota Kudyba


Wingless by Dorota Kudyba


Adore You by Dorota Kudyba


Miss Spring by Dorota Kudyba


Distinguished by Dorota Kudyba


Detail by Dorota Kudyba


Kingdom of Heaven by Dorota Kudyba


Pure Breed by Dorota Kudyba


Overjoyed by Dorota Kudyba


Dappled by Dorota Kudyba


Winter Storm by Dorota Kudyba


Season's Greetings by Dorota Kudyba


Avenue Walk by Dorota Kudyba


Space by Dorota Kudyba


Grey Dignity by Dorota Kudyba


Perfect Dancers by Dorota Kudyba

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   |   Images = 76





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