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Donald Torgerson

Everett, WA - United States








Donald Torgerson

Everett, WA - United States

Donald Torgerson - Fine Artist

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About Donald Torgerson

Hi I am Don Torgerson I have lived one hell of a great life and looking for more adventures learning all I can about photography.I and my wife have alway love all types of art . I was a owner and skiper of Alasken King Crab..boat Wish I had camera. I have seen in Gods control beauty of the Bering Sea and hell it can give you.I fished and my wife took care of our son and 68 rental we had.I was in Seattle getting a 350ft boat ready for the summer season at 6:00pm my son called me with a life changing news my wife had passed away.I said when I started this story life is like a big roller coaster ride with it way highs and way lows.I know what the hell does this have todo with photogaphy.My life change for ever that night.My son went and lived with his best friend family dog was put down house packup put in storage.I went to Alaska for the season.I got back home to nothing no Family no home no dog.I became deeply depressed, I had know idea who I was what I was or what am I going to do.I call this time in my life waiting in line to get my next ticket to ride that roller coaster of life. I ride that hard as I could. this time as I started to get better I took things slower take the to the rise set I am there with the camera. Yes the camera, I know I had to find something that I had real passion for I learn to the little things in life.That was 8 years ago I became a peer councilor working with other that had depression.Wa Design all the art community has help with the art of photography, The Fire Wheel Coffee House held my yearly free Christmas family pictures love working with them.I am full time photographer serving all photos need family, wedings, babbies, and pets,. I told you my story I have my ticket to ride. Hope to meet you I take my time to understand what you would like to see in a photo.I and my son are doing great now still live with depresion but that is not who I am.

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Creek running through the Forest by Donald Torgerson


Little Falls by Donald Torgerson


Ferns Dancing by Donald Torgerson


Beauty In The Rain by Donald Torgerson


School house by Donald Torgerson


Depot Loading Dock by Donald Torgerson


Sunrise Thanksgiving by Donald Torgerson


Steam Train At Night by Donald Torgerson


Train Yard At Night by Donald Torgerson


West lake Park by Donald Torgerson


Gate Way To The Winters Forest by Donald Torgerson


The Winter Run by Donald Torgerson


Frame For The Moon by Donald Torgerson


Yellow Pansy by Donald Torgerson


Looking Back at You by Donald Torgerson


Tully Fog In Everett by Donald Torgerson


Nature Showing Off by Donald Torgerson


Great Wheel in Seattle by Donald Torgerson


Stairs to a better life by Donald Torgerson


Reflection Of A Reflection by Donald Torgerson


Mar Burl Man by Donald Torgerson


Wedding Glasses by Donald Torgerson


Burning Sunset by Donald Torgerson


Steam engine Train by Donald Torgerson

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