Dodie Ulery - Fine Artist

Dodie Ulery

Ormond Beach, FL - United States








Dodie Ulery

Ormond Beach, FL - United States

Dodie Ulery - Fine Artist

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About Dodie Ulery

Artistic expression has been part of my life since the beginning. I am an award winning fiber artist, master basket maker and soft sculpture designer. For our twentieth anniversary my husband gave me the money to buy photographic equipment and go back to school. Two years later I graduated from New York Institute of Photography with my degree in Professional Photography and two years after that I graduated with my degree in Advanced Scenic and Nature Photography.I sold my first major magazine front cover image two months after graduation. Six months later, one of my images was purchased by NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC for one of their coffee table books. I am also a professional freelance writer. My photography degree added value to my work. Since my graduation, my images has been featured on the covers of nine major publications. Several hundred of my images and articles have appeared in magazines and websites all over the world.

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USS Pelias Charm by Dodie Ulery


Orlando Oak by Dodie Ulery


Sand from your shoes by Dodie Ulery


Beyond Hatred by Dodie Ulery


Angel Oak 2 by Dodie Ulery


Angel Oak 1 by Dodie Ulery


Ford V8 by Dodie Ulery


Grasshopper Reflected by Dodie Ulery


Firey Florida Sunset by Dodie Ulery


Tobacco Barn by Dodie Ulery


The Barn by Dodie Ulery


Autumn by Dodie Ulery


Bok Tower Reflection by Dodie Ulery


Under Treaty Oak Canopy II by Dodie Ulery


Under Treaty Oak Canopy by Dodie Ulery


Classic Red Ford Truck by Dodie Ulery


Watcher by Dodie Ulery


Dragon Boat Festival by Dodie Ulery


Florida Crossroads II by Dodie Ulery


Golden Door by Dodie Ulery


Dinner Time by Dodie Ulery


No WiFi Sign by Dodie Ulery


Buddha on Peace by Dodie Ulery


Kwan Yin Goddess of Mercy by Dodie Ulery

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   |   Images = 178





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