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Denise Darby

Newberg, OR - United States








Denise Darby

Newberg, OR - United States

Denise Darby - Fine Artist

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About Denise Darby

A little about me:

I am a native Oregonian, and wouldn't have it any other way; although I have to say I have fallen in love with Alaska as well. There is such beauty in this world and I wish I could capture it all!

Photography has been a love of mine ever since I picked up my first camera. I have witnessed some of the most amazing moments of my life mostly through a camera lens (and have at times regretted it afterwards to some degree) but it's almost an obsession to be able to freeze these moments in immortality. To me, photography is an art; I feel that art plays a huge part in photography; capturing something in an artistic way is what is so much fun about it!

I recently read an article by a street photographer in New York City who had accidentally met up with famous street photographer, Bruce Gilden. The author was most curious as to why Bruce was still was using an old camera that was literally taped together, when he could obviously afford any camera he wanted. When asked he replied, 'it's not the camera, it's the person behind the camera. I have to say that eased my camera envy quite a bit. :)

I hope to be able to share the beauty of the places and things that I've come across and give you a bit of the joy that I felt at that moment!

Thank you for taking the time to look at my photographs.

Denise Darby
Earth's Glory Photography

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Lady and Her Eggs by Denise Darby


Window into Heidelberg by Denise Darby


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Parisian Cafe' Sunset by Denise Darby


Moulin Rouge by Denise Darby


French Countryside by Denise Darby


Austrian Sunrise by Denise Darby


Roman Cafe' by Denise Darby


Masks of Venice by Denise Darby


Be Happy by Denise Darby


Branches of Beauty by Denise Darby


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Sunny Sunflower by Denise Darby


The Glide by Denise Darby


Gulls by Denise Darby


Garden Scene by Denise Darby


Tropic Beauty by Denise Darby


Come Follow Me by Denise Darby


Golden Valley by Denise Darby


Don't Worry..Be Happy by Denise Darby


Barn in Red Clover by Denise Darby

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