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David Sutter

Lexington, SC - United States








David Sutter

Lexington, SC - United States

David Sutter - Fine Artist

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About David Sutter

I live in the woods in Lexington, SC with my lovely wife of 35 years. I'm at home on disability, but I manage enough to express myself with art, care for the flower garden and take care of our cats and chickens. (Well, my wife mainly takes care of the cats; I'm just something they sit on.)

Earlier this year someone asked me if I were an artist. I guess my answer was silly, but I said, 'I don't know, I just like to draw and paint.' The Oxford English Dictionary says that an artist is 'one who makes their craft a fine art.' I'm not sure I meet that criteria. So, whether I am an artist or not isn't important. What is important is that I express myself with honesty and attempt to only release my insanity with the end of a brush.

I was terrible at history in school - American History I finally aced on my third try (nothing like summer school to get a good grade). On the opposite side of the coin was art class; a subject that I loved and did very well. If only my history teacher and my art teacher could have got together, I think I would have been a master at history. Doing specific year collages has not only brought joy to history, but has also allowed others to explore that special year/years in their life. If you don't see your year, let me know. I have produced collages with baby's birth date, birth time, weight and length Intertwined with the history of the year. My hope is to do the 50's, 60's and 70's, however, my children keep reminding me that I should focus on the more recent history.

I guess I would never make a living as a biographer, but that isn't my calling. Wait . . . I hear someone calling. Wrong number.

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