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David Neace

Tampa, Florida - United States

David Neace - Fine Artist

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About David Neace

I am offering a 15% discount on all images now through December 4th of 2014. The discount code is in the description of each piece of work that is offered. Use code: CBDKZA upon checkout.

Also please be sure to visit my Fathers galleries, James E Neace, for his WW II art.
I am the administrator of a new group 'Created by my Hands' for traditional artists using the traditional methods for creating works of art.

I have been re photographing some of my art. I am getting a better image and hopefully this will generate some poster or card sales. I have also added a new photo gallery. This is a mixture of my work and my Fathers photo work. In the near future I will be adding a special gallery for some of his art work.

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I am a self taught artist and have been consistently drawing for over 50 years. My father was an artist and worked in oil and watercolor and ran the manual arts program at the VA Hospital in Lexington, KY. He taught me the basics of drawing and then turned me loose to find my own way through this maze of creativity. The self taught artists approach visual representation from a different perspective than the traditional artists that studied under instructors and had the history of art taught to them. Please don't think I am marginalizing the value of a sound education, I admire and respect these artists; it took time and dedication as well as hard work to reach their degree and the bottom line is however we reach our goals, the results are what matter.

My first piece of published work was when I was seven and did the program for the local football team. I continued drawing in pencil and pen and ink. I still have some of those first pieces and from time to time I look back on them to help retrace my journey from then to now. From the late 50's through the 60's and into the early 70's the face of America was changing and so was the form and style of the art produced. Music influences such as Yes, Moody Blues, Donavon, Janis Joplin, Hendrix and many others; visual influences of films and of the printed word, mixed with the 'free love' and a rebellion against traditional mores shocked me senseless and at the same time peeked my interest in the new and exciting images. So, from the shy young man I was, I swallowed down my fears and threw myself into this madness with the passion of a first love. The Pop culture from fashion design to bold colors, I was hooked.

My first love of a fellow artist was Escher. His drawing intrigued me. I had always been a traditional artist, barns, houses, trees and such and had not opened myself to all possibilities yet. Escher helped open my creative vision and the artists from album covers, sci-fi and fantasy novels fueled my drive to reach a higher goal for myself. I had the good fortune to have been associated with a group of like minded people, some of whom where art majors, rock band members, sculptors and a variety of craftsmen. Their support, friendship and influence were the keystone in opening my perceptions and worldly views. During this time I also read a great deal of Science Fiction books, explored different music and films, and generally traveled. The memories and experiences still have influence on me.

As I had stated, I had to work if I wanted to survive. I went to work for Rand McNally as a cartographic technician. This was a job where I could use my eye/hand coordination to my advantage. I hand engraved roads, learned the print process, learned about copy cameras, offset printing and binding of the printed material. This lead me through several jobs with printing companies and in the late 70's I started working as a contractor making maps for the USGS. I eventually ended in Washington DC, where I worked for the USGS in Reston, VA.

I spent 10 years in the DC area, working for the government and exploring my art. I tried many different mediums, oils, acrylic and airbrush. I managed to get several shows during this time and I was in a three way tie for first place with a juried show sponsored by the Maryland Parks and Recreation and the Whitney Museum of Modern Art in New York City. The prize of this contest was that your artwork would be displayed on a billboard in the DC area. I did an airbrush comet streaking through the night sky.

I started my career as a hair designer at the ripe old age of 42. I moved to Georgia in 1997 where I worked for JC Penny, then managed a salon in downtown Canton. While working at that salon, I met the manager of the Historic Canton Theatre and went to work in the ticket office part time at nights. I was promoted to the General Manager in 2002 and my duties required me to design sets, costumes and hair for the plays produced in the theatre.

I found that the creative part of me enjoyed doing cosmetology, as I went from two dimensional expressions to three dimensional. (Sculpting with hair) I worked in this field for 20 years, going from a stylist to instructor and then Program Director of Cosmetology at Virginia College from 2009 through 2011.

I retired in 2011 from corporate work when I had my pacemaker implanted. I now live in Tampa Florida with my cat, Gracie and work full time in my home studio producing colored pencil art. I became a member of Fine Art America in May of 2013 and have had viewings of my art from all over the world. In one year I have had over 5500 views of my work to date and I am a member of 19 groups within this venue. I am also currently teaching three classes, two are basic drawing classes and one is a colored pencil class.

I am a certified Mindful Teaching Educator with certificates.


Woodford County High School
Lexington Vocational-Graphic Arts
Computer Skills courses (1500 hours)
Western Hills School of Beauty (1800 hours)
Empire Instructor Course (800 hours)
Cosmetology on-job hours (20 years)
Graphic on-job hours (30,000 hours)
Mapping skills on job (20 years)
Instructor (10 years)


Kentucky Artists Show (1978) Juried
Shops at the Lexington Center (Rupp Arena) (1981) One man show
Kentucky Horse Park Arts and Crafts (1982)
Covington Kentucky Arts and Crafts Fair (1983) Juried
One Man Show, Coolbreeze Restaurant, Washington DC (1985)
Whitney Museum of Modern Art/Maryland Parks and Recreation (1986) Juried
Carols Corner Café, Cincinnati Ohio (1990) One Man Show
Valdosta Art Show, Georgia (2001) Juried
Woodstock Arts, (1997, 99, 2001) Juried
Historic Canton Theatre (various pieces 2000-08) One Man Show

Dave Neace

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