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Danielle Parent

Hamilton, Ontario - Canada








Danielle Parent

Hamilton, Ontario - Canada

Danielle Parent - Fine Artist

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I was born in Montreal Quebec and raised in the Thetford Mines region. French is my mother tongue so please forgive my grammar and spelling errors..

My parents moved us outside of the town..literally ..in the woods!..6 miles from the village on one side and 2 miles on the other direction..so I grew up waking up each morning looking at .the Appalachian mountains, and the wild rabbits, bears, wild cats witnessed my childhood games . The birds and the bees, the trees, the lakes and the wild animals were the best environment for the active child that I was..So many afternoons lost in my daydreams ..I would let my imagination run wild! My love of nature is nothing secret to my friends and family. I started to draw, paint, since kindergarten..Dad always wanted to send me to les Beaux Arts in Montreal..that was his dream..life was tough ..he was deaf, money was tight! So I am a self taught artist as you would say..

I have moved on to Ontario 28 years ago, and started to be more interested in photography as my son provided me with numerous opportunity to snap a few shots as he grew up..I was in Aesthetics for more than 25 years and decided to return to school in 2007. I am a computer tech in the making returning home from my AAS.CIS.PC-SYS studies in Washington DC. I have traveled a little and realized that I loved capturing the beauty of the world. The different textures, colors, of rocks, shells, trees, fishes are a source of inspiration. The great open spaces, the birds, gosh ..there is so much to capture..but the what really inspire me is the force of nature, thunderstorms, lightning bolts, tornadoes, icebergs..that is fascinating!

I am also a sculptor. Wood or cement, garden art or garden furniture are also my favorite things to do along with gardening. Water gardening are been attracting different birds and insects I did not have before..so that is my next goal..learning to take photographs in action and up close as much as I can. So many wonders in the world to see..so little time to see them all!! Photography is getting to be a growing passion to me .. to see the world through the lenses or other photographers gives me the traveling bug..I love to travel and love historical sites, antiques, architectural photos, trains, planes, people in there natural environment and doing what they do best are very inspiring to me as well, children candor and innocence is too a wonder to see they make the most true pictures The forces of nature impresses me a lot. The sun, the moon, eclipses, tornadoes, thunderstorms ..any type of storms will get me going ..ice storms as well.

With no having to study this summer I am hoping to do a little drawing with graphite, watercolors and finally try my airbrush that I bought ...3 years ago!! I love doodling too..I would love to experiment with the digital and fractal artwork as well.. and a lot of photographic work as well. I hope that you will enjoy the few artwork that I have shared with you..I am self taught and may be some day ..as my dad dreamed (as I do too) will take some art classes. For now I am learning a great deal by sharing tips with my fellow artists friends. So have fun perusing my galleries. :-D

Danielle Parent

PS: Summer 2012 will be a busy summer as with the launching of the 'MISSION UNISSON' , 'UNISSON' being the guitare I designed and created un collaboration with Jean-Luc Bouthillier , Luthier UNISSON has started to reunites artists of all venues and is already starting to make noise ..Raising awareness and fighting against cancer but also C�L�BRATING LIFE.. side by side with the Canadian Cancer Society....I will be posting the first new paper article as soon as I find out where I can post it!

Here are some photos of the UNISSON JLB1505DP Custom Guitar that I designed for Jean-Luc Bouthillier, Luthier.




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