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Cyndy DiBeneDitto - Fine Artist

Cyndy DiBeneDitto

Kingston, NY - United States








Cyndy DiBeneDitto

Kingston, NY - United States

Cyndy DiBeneDitto - Fine Artist

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June 4th, 2012







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About Cyndy DiBeneDitto

I believe if you change your art you can change your life! What you see in your environment on a regular basis can either uplift and inspire you or leave you feeling stressed and melancholy. That is why I create mystical magical art. It is a representation of my vision of the divine presence in everyone and everything. It encompasses many paths that lead to Spirit honoring the symbols and sages that have paved our sacred way. All pieces are created from my souls messages. Embrace the ones that call to you and take in all the love, peace and harmony from which they were created.

When I was born, my life support from umbilical cord to creative expression was instantaneous. From that point on I have looked at life through the eyes of a birth canal. I don't just “make” art. I am honored to be a constant artistic expression of the great creator in my paintings, photographs and illustrations. It connects me to spirit… to all that is.

I have always been drawn to the beauty of nature and the spirit realm. My goal is not to reproduce the exact signature of the divine but to feel the delicate rhythms, extract the inherent shapes and curves and hear the core message that calls to me. With this whisper I create a dance of my own on the canvas, in my photography and digital illustrations.

I can get my hands dirty or imagine them that way with my digital pen. No matter how I choose to explore different mediums it is the endless possibilities that keep me pregnant with ideas.

One of my goals as an artist is to make work that will touch people in a tender way and bring light to their path. I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from The University of Connecticut. Throughout the past three decades I have had opportunities to utilize my talents in juried solo and group shows in New England, New York, and Florida and in teaching at schools in the New England Area. You can check out all of my art including handcrafted jewelry here

My other passion is writing and performing original music along with artist tributes. I have made numerous appearances throughout New York, the Tri-State area and Florida. That's a whole other story! Check it out and listen to my music at:

I appreciate your interest in my creative expression. I love sharing it with you.

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Spirit Wings by Cyndy DiBeneDitto


Life is Gold by Cyndy DiBeneDitto


Magic Touch by Cyndy DiBeneDitto


The Great Mystery by Cyndy DiBeneDitto


Calling All Angels by Cyndy DiBeneDitto


Into Our Souls by Cyndy DiBeneDitto


Waiting Ground by Cyndy DiBeneDitto


Under The Rubble by Cyndy DiBeneDitto


Seek And You'll Find by Cyndy DiBeneDitto


Leave Behind The Anger by Cyndy DiBeneDitto


Home Awaits Me by Cyndy DiBeneDitto


Mysteries After Dark by Cyndy DiBeneDitto


Feel The Pull by Cyndy DiBeneDitto


Dreamers Never Sleep by Cyndy DiBeneDitto


Fly Me High by Cyndy DiBeneDitto


All You Imagine by Cyndy DiBeneDitto


Dancing High by Cyndy DiBeneDitto


Come And Find Me by Cyndy DiBeneDitto


Clear The Mystery by Cyndy DiBeneDitto

Images = 19