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Craig Wood

Waianae, HI - United States








Craig Wood

Waianae, HI - United States

Craig Wood - Fine Artist

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About Craig Wood

My first camera was a Kodak Brownie that I purchased with a $5.00 bill that I found at the age of 12. My first black and white photos were of the Steinhardt Museum in San Francisco and later the Kon Tiki, Thor Heyerdahl’s sailing raft. Needless to say I was hooked.
Since then I've travelled throughout Asia in and out of the military, using 35 mm cameras by Canon, Minolta and Nikon. Did some 4 X 5 macro photos for a friend's magazine and shot lots of weddings, B Day parties, friend’s kids / animals and many other joyous occasions. I'm now retired after 60 years after buying that $5.00 dollar camera that started me off on this exciting love affair with the images that a person and a camera can produce.
There are images displayed here that were taken during my time in Japan, Taiwan, Thailand and numerous locations in Asia. Since I've lived the last 40 plus years in Hawaii you'll see lots of the beautiful scenery, plants, animals and beautiful people. I'll be adding a greater variety of images over the remaining years. Please look at what I have and feel free to give me your thoughts and opinions. Aloha and Mahalo.

All photographs and words embedded into images are © Copyright 2012/ 2013/ 2014/2015 Craig Wood. All Rights Reserved and protected by US and International Copyright Laws. They are owned by the artist Craig Wood. Any reproduction, pinning, modification, publication, transmission, transfer, or exploitation of any of the content for personal or commercial use, whether in part, or in whole, without written permission from the artist is prohibited.

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Fire Boat Out of the Water by Craig Wood


Old Fire Boat High and Dry by Craig Wood


Pair of Blossoms by Craig Wood


Squash Blossom by Craig Wood


Kapo by Craig Wood


Suns Last Light by Craig Wood


Honolulu City Lights by Craig Wood


Bursting Forth by Craig Wood


Reflection in Green by Craig Wood


Reflection by Craig Wood


Sun and Sea by Craig Wood


Billy Goat Gruff by Craig Wood


In a Forgotten Grotto by Craig Wood


Retired by Craig Wood


Great Day for a Walk by Craig Wood


Keep Your Eyes on the Hands by Craig Wood


Car in a Car by Craig Wood


Moon Rise by Craig Wood


Day Lily or Hemero - Callis by Craig Wood


Crane in Red White and Blue by Craig Wood


Buds and Blossoms by Craig Wood


Abstract Duck by Craig Wood


Oh What Color by Craig Wood


Pelican Preening by Craig Wood


Wetland Taro II by Craig Wood


Wetland Taro I by Craig Wood


Indian Bulbul by Craig Wood


Raindrops by Craig Wood


Fantasy Floral by Craig Wood


Pu'u O Hulu AM by Craig Wood


Deep and Red by Craig Wood


Sunlight Sea and Shadow by Craig Wood


Three by Craig Wood


Wasp Polinating by Craig Wood


Happy Face by Craig Wood


Snail Madness by Craig Wood


Kabuki Flash by Craig Wood


Rainbow Palms by Craig Wood


Plumaria Morning by Craig Wood


Hawaiian Night Arrives by Craig Wood


Butterfly Plumaria by Craig Wood


Crown Flower Love by Craig Wood


Wild Passion Flower by Craig Wood


Lemur Admiring Himself by Craig Wood


Makua and Kila by Craig Wood


Baby Bird by Craig Wood


Lao Buddhist Temple by Craig Wood


Up On The Roof by Craig Wood

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   |   Images = 1436




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