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Corinne Johnston

Narberth, pembrokeshire - United Kingdom

Corinne Johnston - Fine Artist

Corinne Johnston

Member Since: 09/26/2013

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Further photos coming soon...

A little bit about me... Yes a 'Parisienne living in Pembrokeshire, South West Wales!!...
I was born in France in the heart of Paris, the 18th Area, at the edge of Montmartre...
Needless to say, I was living & breathing art from a very young age. Life was very exciting for a kid in Paris, from the local markets, the cafes nearby, the bakeries, the flower stalls, secondhand book shops on the left bank of the river Seine, the artists on an early morning walks with their easels & paints to take their place by the Sacre Coeur, 'les parisiens' with their accent and funny ways, the weekly bus ride to the Louvre Gardens, the huge avenues, the great monuments... to name only a few!! In fact, the entire feel of Paris was an endless source of curiosity and constantly arousing your senses and imagination... The 18th Area was a very famous 'quartier de Paris'. If you ever read Emile Zola, you would know, it had been for many many years one of the poorest area, a mix of proletarians, decadence and poor artists, but one with the most feelings and creativity where artists and bohemians would always meet to discuss politics, philosophy, exchange ideas, show their work such as paintings, play folk music and jazz, read their poems and put the World to right or even sell their work for one evening meal...

As a very very young girl, I was also very privileged to be able to follow my family to the french part of Switzerland. They ran a holiday Centre for children, for 4 months a year, in a small village in the French Alps, where around 300 kids would spend Christmas, Easter & all summer holidays together...
for a kid living in Paris and mostly confined to an apartment after school, the contrast was mind blowing. This is where my love for nature started. In fact, I was constantly missing & usually found walking up by a small stream looking at the water flowing around the stones, or picking flowers, or trying to milk cows at the local farm or lying in the grass in a field dreaming & looking at the sky (in complete closeness with my surroundings... which made my family laugh :-)
Poetry became my passion, I would write endless poems or begin to write books... I always finished my poems and still hold them dear to this day, but my books were always left unfinished... I would read constantly, even preferring to read on holiday in my room, whilst the rest of my family would spend their days on the beaches of Brittany or the Alps.
I must say to this day, I remain just as curious and sincerely almost just as imaginative as I used to be... Just a kid who never grew up really...
at 19 years old, and after wanting to come to London for close to a decade, I finally made it and took up residence in London... to cut a story short, married a musician, a few years later, and had one daughter named Laura... life took me on a different path since my priorities were to my family... I worked full time in Management for various businesses involved with exporting to Europe up until this year... in between, we moved to Pembrokeshire in 2001 and I fell in love straight away with the amazing beauty surrounding me and never looked back. My daughter is now married and I now have 5 amazing little ones to keep me very young & very active (smiling!)
a while back, I finally decided to cut to the chase and put all my energy into being creative once again. Every sunset,sunrise, landscape picture I take is with great feelings just as if I was reading or writing a poem... I do hope you enjoy them , as much as I enjoy taking them...

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Corinne Johnston - Plane Reflection over...

Plane Reflection over...

Corinne Johnston

Corinne Johnston - Out in the Field

Out in the Field

Corinne Johnston

Corinne Johnston - Meditation


Corinne Johnston

Corinne Johnston - Un Moment de Passion

Un Moment de Passion

Corinne Johnston

Corinne Johnston - Une Histoire d

Une Histoire d'Amour

Corinne Johnston

Corinne Johnston - Declaration d

Declaration d' amour

Corinne Johnston

Corinne Johnston - Haunted Castle of Carew...
Corinne Johnston - Magic moment at Carew...

Magic moment at Carew...

Corinne Johnston

Corinne Johnston - Born in Montmartre

Born in Montmartre

Corinne Johnston

Corinne Johnston - The Gargoyles of...

The Gargoyles of...

Corinne Johnston

Corinne Johnston - sunrise over the Welsh...

sunrise over the Welsh...

Corinne Johnston

Corinne Johnston - Holgans

Holgans' way

Corinne Johnston

Corinne Johnston - At Carew Castle ...

At Carew Castle ...

Corinne Johnston

Corinne Johnston - Carew Castle...

Carew Castle...

Corinne Johnston

Corinne Johnston - Sunset Madness at Carew...
Corinne Johnston - Half of the sun on a...

Half of the sun on a...

Corinne Johnston

Corinne Johnston - Still Moment

Still Moment

Corinne Johnston

Corinne Johnston - Seagulls Resting

Seagulls Resting

Corinne Johnston

Corinne Johnston - Symbolic Rockpool

Symbolic Rockpool

Corinne Johnston

Corinne Johnston - Fury over the Cleddau

Fury over the Cleddau

Corinne Johnston

Corinne Johnston - Symbolic Reminder

Symbolic Reminder

Corinne Johnston

Corinne Johnston - Catching The Last Of The...
Corinne Johnston - We all share the same sun

We all share the same sun

Corinne Johnston

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