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Kecskemét - Hungary

Cersatti  - Fine Artist

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At the very beginning (around 1996) I started to create maps just for fun – in order to check how my garden and the surrounding area around my planned house would look like in the near future. After a time I transferred my maps to more abstract ones. For several years I mainly made abstract maps using only lead pencil for the creation. Then I made some experiments with drawing human bodies, mainly faces, but sometimes hands and legs too just for practicing. I made quite a lot of quick sketches in order to improve my drawing skills. Around 2001 I already felt interested in trying to use colours and to turn some of my sketches to coloured drawings (still on white papers using pastels and watercolour pencils). I found it really a good thing to explore all the different colours and to create nice colourful artworks. I started to check coloured art papers (mainly pretty large ones, 420x594mm, or larger) in 2002 and made my next drawings (especially the ones between 2002 and 2006) using only such materials. I made couple of paintings too, most of them with acryl, but that time I found my drawings much more interesting. For some years I have not really made anything special, but last year I tried out how to make rather small drawings (210x297mm) just to be sure I could scan them at home. I was not really satisfied with the results of the scanning, and actually the tiny details of the drawings were also not quality ones. After these experimentations and because of some influence from the other artists I found on the internet I decided to create digital drawings using Sketchbook Pro 7 and a tablet from Wacom – with them I can make drawings and paintings too. I am inspired by the amazing works of Salvador Dali, Vincent van Gogh and Joan Míro, and of course there are several contemporary artists that may influence my art.

Cersatti - 20. July 2015.

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Abstract digital art - Charatiosa V4 by Cersatti


Abstract digital art - Jamurina V2 by Cersatti


Abstract digital art - Angeonilium V2 by Cersatti


Abstract digital art - Grafenonci V2 by Cersatti


Abstract digital art - Visonorph V3 by Cersatti


Abstract digital art - Tiribeia V3 by Cersatti


Abstract digital art - Geoceonom V3 by Cersatti


Abstract digital art - Charatiosa V3 by Cersatti


Abstract digital art - Visonorph V2 by Cersatti


Abstract digital art- Abugila V3 by Cersatti

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