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Carla Parris

Tallahassee, FL - United States








Carla Parris

Tallahassee, FL - United States

Carla Parris - Fine Artist

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About Carla Parris

I like both fine art and 'fun art.' You will see both here, along with an extensive collection of photographs, many from my travels. My site also showcases my resin-covered jewelry. I can do custom pieces using your personal photos or artwork!

For me, the artistic life is colorful, creative, imaginative, and expressive. It is joyful and playful. It is an overflow from my faith and love for the Lord who is the source of joy, hope, beauty, creativity, and life itself.

I believe the artistic life involves both artistic expression and art appreciation. If you appreciate art, you are enjoying the artistic life!

My artistic endeavors are a recent addition to my life as earlier seasons, when I worked first as a speech pathologist, and later as a tax attorney, didn't leave much time or energy for these pursuits. I am still learning and exploring different media and different styles of expression, so stay tuned!!

Thank you so much for visiting my site. I hope you will enjoy my work!

Art Prints


Images are available in a variety of sizes as prints on paper, acrylic, metal, or canvas, and as greeting cards. Unsold original works and jewelry items (including custom items) are available from me directly. All images are copyrighted.

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