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Carl Deaville

North Las Vegas, NV - United States








Carl Deaville

North Las Vegas, NV - United States

Carl Deaville - Fine Artist

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I Moved to the Las Vegas, Nevada Valley in December of 2009. Have been a Member of the LAS VEGAS ARTISTS GUILD since June of 2010. I am also a Member of the CONTEMPORARY ARTS CENTER since June 2010. It is located in the ALIOS at 1217 S. Main St. 89104 in the Art District of Las Vegas, NV. I am Licensed in the State of Nevada and with the City of N Las Vegas to do business as ' Art and Stuff by Carl '.

I was Born and Raised in Louisiana. Spent most of my First 18 Years helping Dad with his Cutting Horse's and Cattle. Joined the US Navy 1964 and Retired as a Navy Master Chief in 1989. While I did work at the Co-generation Power Plant on the UC Berkeley Campus for almost 2 Years and worked at a couple of other Jobs, I spent the better part of about 18+ Years in the Automotive Industry Selling Cars and Trucks from a Wide Assortment of Makes.

My Three Favorite Sayings are ' Been There Done That ', ' It is what It is ' and ' It's All Good '. My Web Pages are and I refer to myself as a self taught Artist who was established in 1947 and is still in training. My Methods of Expressing myself in Art have Almost always been in the Abstract.

The Mediums that I have used starting as far back as my Kindergarten Days are: Crayons; Crayons + Heat + Fabric; Pencil; Pen & Ink; Modeling Clays; Play Dough; Paper Mache; Plastic Models of various types; Building Skeletal Models of Animal remains;
Worked with Lincoln Logs and Legos; Sand Castles at the Beach; Basic Wood Carving; I Once Dug a ~900 ' long Drainage Ditch Straight
as an Arrow and with a Grade of from ~2' to ~24' to drain a Back Pasture; Built a ~12 ft. X ~24 ft. Cattle shed in a back pasture with my brother Don.

Than in the Navy, I learned to Read and Draw Nuclear Propulsion Plant Systems and Components while training in the Nuclear Power Program. Finally found out that Drawing and Painting was a Huge Stress Release for me that was enjoyable and brought me the satisfaction of knowing other people liked my ' Art ' well enough to Appreciate It as a Special Gift or to even perhaps Buy It.

Mediums of Last ~ 40+ Years or so have been: Pencil; Pen and Ink; Colored Pencil; Watercolor; Acrylic Paints; Encaustic (Melted Wax) Painting & Sculptures; Oil Paints; Pastels; Mixed Media; Relief Carving of Wood and Stone; Sculpture of Wood, Eggs, Styrofoam, Plastics, etc; Photographic Art; Computer Generated or Enhanced Art; Giclee Art Prints.

I do Hope that You Like the Art that I present to You...I have over 440 Pieces as of September 1, 2015 and I continue to add to that number whenever I get the time....PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU CHECK OUT THE GALLERY SECTION, EACH GALLERY CONTAINS ART OF THE SAME TYPE.....Thank You, Carl Deaville

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Mt. Charlston Nevada by Carl Deaville


Three Falls Colorado by Carl Deaville


Colorado Mountain Sheep Four by Carl Deaville


Colorado Mountain Sheep One by Carl Deaville


Colorado Mountain Sheep by Carl Deaville


A Wooden Puzzle by Carl Deaville


Clouds Three by Carl Deaville


Clouds Two by Carl Deaville


Clouds One by Carl Deaville


The Eyes Have It by Carl Deaville


Vertical Acrylic Study by Carl Deaville


Clouds Over Full Moon 2 by Carl Deaville


Clouds Over Full Moon by Carl Deaville


Blue African Violets by Carl Deaville


White And Blue Violets by Carl Deaville


Ask Yourself by Carl Deaville


Stickmen In Battle by Carl Deaville


Abstract Characters by Carl Deaville


Aries by Carl Deaville


Clown Face by Carl Deaville


Green Blue White Encaustic by Carl Deaville


Stick Man by Carl Deaville


Burst Of Color by Carl Deaville


Vertical Acrylic by Carl Deaville


Encaustic Man Jumping by Carl Deaville


Prayer For Those Living Alone by Carl Deaville


36 Acrylic Surfers by Carl Deaville


The Cabin by Carl Deaville


Three Acrylics by Carl Deaville


Abstract Digital Art Two by Carl Deaville


Abstract Digital Art One by Carl Deaville


Up Up And Away by Carl Deaville


Acrylic Pour November 2001 by Carl Deaville


Big Red November 1976 by Carl Deaville


Snooze And You Lose by Carl Deaville


Abstract Puzzle by Carl Deaville


Digital Golden Horse Abstract by Carl Deaville


Digital Sunflower Abstract by Carl Deaville


Thank God For Good Friday 3 by Carl Deaville


Thank God For Good Friday 2 by Carl Deaville


Thank God For Good Friday 1 by Carl Deaville


Las Vegas Skyline At Dawn And At Night by Carl Deaville


Colors Of Hope by Carl Deaville


Laying Out In The Sun by Carl Deaville


Encaustic Love by Carl Deaville


Red Blue Green Encaustic by Carl Deaville


Abstract Water Color by Carl Deaville


It Is What It Is by Carl Deaville

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