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Caleb Colon

Northampton, MA - United States








Caleb Colon

Northampton, MA - United States

Caleb Colon - Fine Artist

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About Caleb Colon

Caleb Colon
Artist Bio:
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I was born in Maricao, Puerto Rico in 1981. My family left the island for Springfield, Mass in 1984 because of the increasing corruption in Puerto Rico. In Springfield I witnessed my family move from a low-income, predominately Hispanic area into a middle-class, predominately White area.
Due to my rapidly adoptive approach to the environment, I was constantly struggling with my identity. I couldn’t speak fluent spanish but I could understand it. I could curve my speech to street slang and back to standard english. I would contently listen to Buena Vista Social Club but could not dance mambo to save my life.
As oppositional human behavior would have it, neither White or Hispanic groups, outside of family, would accept me as part of their culture. I’d sometimes get called “gringo” by Hispanics and “spic” by Whites. Confused about culture, I had to find an independent view of myself where I felt valuable and accepted. The arts provided me with all I needed to experience that in my search.
Developing my talents further, I valued the function of art not as a platform to locate and assume answers but more as the fuel to continue asking the questions.

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Meadows by Caleb Colon


New York City Water Towers by Caleb Colon


Brooklyn Bridge am by Caleb Colon


Brooklyn Bridge pm by Caleb Colon


Cloud Study by Caleb Colon


The Student Prince by Caleb Colon


Lemon garlic with change and bills by Caleb Colon


Blue Harvest by Caleb Colon


Warm summer by Caleb Colon


Holyoke Sunset II by Caleb Colon


Race st. Holyoke by Caleb Colon


Late Summer by Caleb Colon


Race st. II by Caleb Colon


Canal III by Caleb Colon


Masonic lot by Caleb Colon


Kirkland Ave. by Caleb Colon


Father Machine by Caleb Colon


Closed by Caleb Colon


Shop therapy by Caleb Colon


Through the cracks by Caleb Colon


Stripes by Caleb Colon


The Roost by Caleb Colon


Holyoke Canal by Caleb Colon


Noho Pay phone by Caleb Colon

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