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Byron Fli Walker

Sanford, FL - United States








Byron Fli Walker

Sanford, FL - United States

Byron Fli Walker - Fine Artist

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Measuring in at 6 ft (on his toes) & 205 lbs., with a laid back personality, from Detroit, MI - Byron FLi Walker. Those who know him just call him 'B'. He has sold artwork to art collectors as far as Hawaii, Brazil, South Africa and Australia. He's a self-taught or Autodidact, disciplined artist. who is passionate about painting portraits and figurative art mostly because of his Human spirit. His given name denotes creativity, courage & confidence. He changed the spelling of his nickname 'Fly' (synonym:sharp) to 'FLi' (acronym: F.eel the L.ove & I.nspiration), infusing both terms into a pseudonym which he signs as a trademark symbolizing his standards of craftsmanship.

In his own words,

I started drawing cars first around 6 yrs old (I wish I still had those drawings) and at age 7 I drew a portrait of NBA star Spud Web for a contest at a library and won 3rd place. It felt good winning something. Throughout my grade school years I just used pencils and markers, for some unexplained reason at that time I did not want paint on my fingers. I even use to bite my fingernails because I hated seeing them dirty. I remember in 7th grade having a interest in fashion design but the class was made up of all girls and I was a knuckle head so I declined that training, (that was dumb).

During my high school years, I chose architectural drawing over carpentry, although I wanted to learn both (studied carpentry years later). Although I excelled in that class it was very boring, very constrictive, very rigid and concise and I was a wild boy. In 92' I took 2 semesters of AutoCAD and was looking so forward to learning Maya for auto design but my math was poor, (I only excel in geometry). So that reality was hard to deal with and I don't recall drawing much during that time. I probably did but my heart wasn't in it. So for a number of years I was a lost artist, (a lot of wasted time & talent).

In the year 2000 something compelled me to draw a portrait of my wife at the time, it took forever and I didn't like the results but she loved it and she encouraged me to start drawing more and so I listened and started improving cause boy was I rusty and I don't always finish my drawings cause I get bored too quickly. Yet anyway I bought a beginners airbrush set (cause its less messy) and by means of a video I learned airbrush.(I hated cleaning the gun). Airbrushing led to projecting larger paintings, backdrops and murals and art being accepted in to art galleries. I then took an interest in oil sticks (cause I still didn't want paint on my hands) but the oil sticks were so cool, (the smell of safflower oil is so nutty and aromatic) that soon I didn't mind me actually getting my hands wet with paint,

In 2005 I learned Photoshop and Illustrator! Two powerful tools I use( no paint mess and I don't need to know algebra, calculus and trig') along with traditional painting techniques. So that pretty much is a little history of me as an artist and a little insight into my style of art.

At present I'm focusing on a series of figurative art called 'Head Shots' with the objective of honing my skills as a portrait painter as I study each facial expression.

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