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Bun Lee

Burnaby, BC - Canada

Bun Lee - Fine Artist

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About Bun Lee

Thank you for stopping by visiting my website.

My name is Bun Lee and I am a terrible writer. So... I'm trying to tell my story through my photographs. But before that, let me tell you a little about myself. I was born and raised in Hong Kong and moved to Vancouver, British Columbia for over 20 years now. I am a Time Lapse and Landscape photographer specialized in nightscapes. Before I developed my passions in photography, I was working in motion design and video production. Taught in film school for number of years. And have been involved with organizing and running student filmmaking programs at the Cannes Film Festival. my background in video production helped me to be quick learner in the world of photography. Especially in post processing or some say the ‘digital darkroom’!!

I offer private one-on-one instruction from basic level camera operation to advanced post-processing technique. Instruction can be customize to individual needs. Please contact me for more details if you are interested in learning some new post-processing tricks to improve your images. Or to get your hands on camera at a location to capture the beautiful night skies.

Thank you very much and I hope you enjoy your visit!

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Schaffer Galaxy by Bun Lee


Heading to the Rain by Bun Lee


Lake McArthur Sunset by Bun Lee


Lake Crescent Aurora by Bun Lee


An Unforgettable Night by Bun Lee


Night Stream by Bun Lee


Alouette Shore by Bun Lee


Siwash Rock Twilight by Bun Lee


Chephren at Dusk by Bun Lee


White Blankets by Bun Lee


Chephren Motion by Bun Lee


River in the Sky vs. River on Earth by Bun Lee


The Bench View by Bun Lee


Path To The Purple Light by Bun Lee


Lights Before Dawn by Bun Lee


Opabin Lake Good Night by Bun Lee


Aurora O'Hara by Bun Lee


Wiwaxy Sunrise by Bun Lee


The Wiwaxy View by Bun Lee


Opabin Waterflow by Bun Lee


Turquoise Flow by Bun Lee


Happy Canada Day by Bun Lee


Wapta Falls Stargazing by Bun Lee


Winding Path by Bun Lee


Wiwaxy Aurora by Bun Lee


Path To Eternity by Bun Lee


Across Two Land by Bun Lee


The Bending Path by Bun Lee


Giant Organic Train by Bun Lee


Hurricane Hill Arc by Bun Lee


Road to Stargate by Bun Lee


Over The Top by Bun Lee


Stone by Bun Lee


Downstream by Bun Lee


Marymere Falls by Bun Lee


Madison Falls by Bun Lee


Freedom Mist by Bun Lee


Lake Crescent Stargazing by Bun Lee


Peaking by Bun Lee


Tinted Skies by Bun Lee


Ruby Startrails by Bun Lee


Morning Drama by Bun Lee


Day To Come by Bun Lee


Morning Barn by Bun Lee


Last Moment by Bun Lee


Arc Above by Bun Lee


Night of the Eclipse by Bun Lee


Bloody Morning by Bun Lee

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