Brian Sereda - Fine Artist

Brian Sereda

Edmonton, AB - Canada








Brian Sereda

Edmonton, AB - Canada

Brian Sereda - Fine Artist

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October 23rd, 2011







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About Brian Sereda

I like the Mood that Lighting Gives to an object. How it penetrates its very Essence! Either Photo, drawing, painting or Sketch I Strive to accentuate and induce a presence to each Image!
THe Rest of this Bio is pretty Boring!
Primary work over the years consists of compositions of charcoal and pastels Life drawings on paper, inks, multimedia on a variety of small 3 inches to large 6 feet formats. Photography West Coast and Prairies, People in both Black and White and colour film and darkroom processing as well as digital.
Limited formal training college Fine Art GMCC, then self taught and night classes Uof A print making and B&W Photography interrupted with other educational and life experiences.
Associated with Wild Rose Life Drawing now with Harcourt House , Edmonton.
Favorite painters and influences : Picasso, Degas, Impressionism, Group of Seven, Renoir and da Vinci, Durer,Vivian Anderson,Rory Sagner.
Favorite work of my own are 1 minute to under an hour live life Drawing pieces. All of us who attend the sessions usually warm up with 1,2,3,5 then 10minute to 15 and finally 30 minutes poses or longer. I find the time limit and the thought process of what is crucial to the pose to be challenging and often rewarding with line texture, marks and a range of depths depending on the medium.

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King of the Woods by Brian Sereda


Neon At Dusk by Brian Sereda


69 Gmc by Brian Sereda


37 Nash Lafayette 2 Door by Brian Sereda


Trees Between the Trees by Brian Sereda


Sun Breaking Through Storm Clouds by Brian Sereda


Storm at Sunset by Brian Sereda


Spaghetti Electric by Brian Sereda


Liquorice Pipes by Brian Sereda


Runway Model by Brian Sereda


Ministry of Justice by Brian Sereda


Early morning or Late Saturday Night Out by Brian Sereda


Deconstructing Building by Brian Sereda


Long Walk Home 2 by Brian Sereda


More Stairs by Brian Sereda


Bike Stairs 2 by Brian Sereda


A Good Friend by Brian Sereda


Working In The Studio by Brian Sereda


Bike Bridge by Brian Sereda


Take A BreaK by Brian Sereda


Feet Up by Brian Sereda


Thunderhead 2 by Brian Sereda


Here They Come by Brian Sereda


Contemplative Inquisitors by Brian Sereda

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