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Brett Reinhardt

Atlanta, ga - United States








Brett Reinhardt

Atlanta, ga - United States

Brett Reinhardt - Fine Artist

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About Brett Reinhardt

I grew up in Tampa Bay, Florida. There as a child on my outside patio next to the ocean and the sunset, I remember drawing everyday. I later moved to Atlanta, where spent some years with my father, until high school, living with my mother in Asheville, NC. It was in North Carolina I first expanded my perspective into the Arts, learning a more organic and liberal nature of art work. So many crafts and styles I hadn't known, glass and iron works, carvings and sculpture, unique with its own distinction having been hand crafted in the Appalachian mountains.

In 2003 I began my education career at The Art Institute of Atlanta, where I began opening doors that I never knew existed. I studied anything I could that was related to art. And learned from some of the most amazing artists I've had the pleasure to know. Including Elio Guevera, and Michael Budowick. I was trained through traditional techniques of all traditional art mediums, as well as learning about modern commercial and digital applications. I graduated in 2009 with a fine arts bachelor's degree, majoring in illustration and design, minoring in a dozen other fields.

I didn't think twice taking a job as graphic designer after I graduated. And it certainly had its place, giving me further insight into the business of design, working as a team player, and several other important experiences. However I finally realized I couldn't pursue my passion to paint in my spare time. So I left in the beginning of 2011 and started working for an art material store, called Blick. There I engaged in elaborate conversations with established professionals in the fine art business, and learned detailed information about the chemistry of all art mediums. Working there for me was like going to graduate school. I left at the end of 2012, marking their 100th anniversary, and only worked what hours I needed to, doing carpentry. I dedicated all the time I possibly had into painting, primarily with oil paint. After many days and nights over the years working in my studio, I developed a style finally in 2014 that I identify myself with, aside from my process work. My first series is to be released NOVEMBER 4th, 2014.

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