Bobby Zeik - Fine Artist

Bobby Zeik

Bethlehem, PA - United States








Bobby Zeik

Bethlehem, PA - United States

Bobby Zeik - Fine Artist

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November 18th, 2011







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About Bobby Zeik

My style stems from a street art background while also implementing many fine art techniques and methods used in more traditional art. I am constantly experimenting with new mediums and processes that keep my work both original and also exciting for myself. The ideas that are most appealing to me are the ones i haven't seen done before, and the pieces that come from those ideas are the ones I am most fond of. There is no comfort-zone when it comes to painting for me, and i feel that helps keep my work fresh.

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On The Clock by Bobby Zeik


You Don't Know Where I've Been by Bobby Zeik


You Had Me At Goodbye by Bobby Zeik


Bastard by Bobby Zeik


Jack And Tyler wood version by Bobby Zeik


Cash by Bobby Zeik


Do You Like Huey Lewis And The News? by Bobby Zeik


Pussy Spelled With Two Dollar Signs by Bobby Zeik


Quick And To The Pointless by Bobby Zeik


Yeah I Think I'll Just Join The Dark Side by Bobby Zeik


Don't Be Afraid To Use Some FORCE by Bobby Zeik


I Appear Missing by Bobby Zeik


He Doesn't Love You Like I Love You by Bobby Zeik


Don't You Know What You Are? by Bobby Zeik


It's Nice To Know You Work Alone by Bobby Zeik


The Line Begins To Blur by Bobby Zeik


I Might Like You Better If We Slept Together by Bobby Zeik


For A Minute There I Lost Myself by Bobby Zeik


Lovecraft's Wet Dream by Bobby Zeik


I Just Wanted To Feel Something by Bobby Zeik


Came Back Haunted by Bobby Zeik


I Was A Teenage Hand Model by Bobby Zeik


You Can't Quit Me Baby by Bobby Zeik


I Am The Petal You Forgot To Pick And I Love You Not by Bobby Zeik

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