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Bob Orsillo

Upta Camp, ME - United States








Bob Orsillo

Upta Camp, ME - United States

Bob Orsillo - Fine Artist

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About Bob Orsillo

Original fine art paintings, fine art illustrations and fine art photography by American Artist Bob Orsillo. Available on canvas, metal prints, acrylic prints, framed prints, gallery prints and fine art greeting cards.

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Bob Orsillo
American Photographer, Artist, Filmmaker, Author

Since this is my website I thought it a good idea to tell you a little bit about myself. How do you fit a lifetime of work into a few paragraphs. I can't do it. The first thing I will tell you - I do not talk in third person. That said; you either have to suffer through my narrative or go look at the pictures. Me, I would go look at the pictures.

I sold my first painting in 1969, oil on canvas a surreal apocalyptic thing it was. Well that is not true is it, I traded the painting to a musician who is now a household name for a 1959 Strat. Better than cash I thought at the time, until the rent was due ... but that is what rent parties were for.

So here I stand decades later (rent parties are a fond and distant memory) still making my living as an artist. With over twelve hundred exhibits behind me, a hand full of books, countless artist statements. and way too many interviews.

The photography of Edward Weston aroused my curiosity about photography. Studying with Minor White taught me to see differently, and Yousuf Karsh taught me about light. However there have been so many others along the way. Their lessons just as important, their names I will never remember. Their faces and kindness I will never forget.

Notable mentions:
Twice nominated World Press Photographer of The Year.
Awarded The Salon Medal from The London Salon of Photography.
Awarded The Gold Medal from ASC in Austria.
Awarded The Bronze Trophy From ASC in Austria.
Member of The Five Continent Collection of Photography.
Curator: Gallery of Social and Political Art.
Curator: War and Peace Exhibit
Exhibit: Andy Warhol Gallery
Exhibit: MFA
Since 1970, over 1400 exhibits around the world.

Incarceration: Writer / Director
Meridian: Writer / Director
Mirror Puppets: Writer / Director

TV / Movies:
Conceptual Artist
Director of Photography

Original soundtrack (Jazz composition) ' No Talent Here'
Original soundtrack (Industrial techno) 'Mirror Puppets'

All art,graphics, illustrations, paintings, video, animation and photography
Copyright ęBob Orsillo / All Rights Reserved.

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Stair Dancing by Bob Orsillo


Robot In The Closet by Bob Orsillo


Pose by Bob Orsillo


Sabattus Pond Moonlight by Bob Orsillo


Before Sunrise by Bob Orsillo


Airplane by Bob Orsillo


Old New England Barn by Bob Orsillo


Memory Of Trees by Bob Orsillo


Adam And Eve by Bob Orsillo


What The Sign Says by Bob Orsillo


Evening At The Lake by Bob Orsillo


Maine Mountain Top Farm by Bob Orsillo


Where The River Kisses The Sea by Bob Orsillo


Lewiston Between The Dams by Bob Orsillo


Flight of the Mallard by Bob Orsillo


Secret Squirrel by Bob Orsillo


Tree Trunk by Bob Orsillo


Sun In The Pines by Bob Orsillo


Maine Skyscape Moonlight by Bob Orsillo


Curly Tail Pigs by Bob Orsillo


Maine Skyscape Days End by Bob Orsillo


Maine Skyscape Storm Clouds by Bob Orsillo


Maine Skyscape After Sunset by Bob Orsillo


Leather Jacket by Bob Orsillo

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   |   Images = 1332





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