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Bitten Kari

Kruså, DK - Denmark

Bitten Kari - Fine Artist

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About Bitten Kari

Hello. My name is Bitten Kari. I'm a Teacher and self taught artist living in Denmark. I like to draw portraits with pen and paper. I find portraits very interesting and challenging, since the human eye is very skilled when it comes to recognizing and observing human features. Though I also draw other things. Another thing I enjoy working with is acrylic paintings and I like to use different styles and techniques depending on what I am making. I have lots of fun making silk screen printing, based on my drawings or photographies. As source of inspiration I'd say life in general, music, people, nature and so on. Sometimes I feel I have something important on my mind and sometimes I'm just flowing along to see where the process is bringing me. Music has always played a major part in my life so naturally it is a big source of inspiration. As I have lived almost my entire life in a small town, close to nature ( and I teach biology ) nature has become a source of inspiration too. You can see even more on my website

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A part of something bigger a by Bitten Kari


A part of something bigger b by Bitten Kari


BB King the King of Blues by Bitten Kari


Thranduil the Elven king of mirkwood by Bitten Kari


The Orchard by Bitten Kari


Space Travel 1 by Bitten Kari


Space Travel 2 by Bitten Kari


Dreamscape by Bitten Kari


Diana ross by Bitten Kari


Tribute to Marilyn Monroe by Bitten Kari


Tribute to Elvis by Bitten Kari


Tribute to Satchmo by Bitten Kari


What a wonderful world by Bitten Kari


Rejoice by Bitten Kari


Frodo from the Shire by Bitten Kari


Captain Jack Sparrow by Bitten Kari


Will Turner by Bitten Kari


Sherlock Holmes by Bitten Kari


Legolas by Bitten Kari


Bootstrap by Bitten Kari


Nothern Light by Bitten Kari


Waiting for the sun by Bitten Kari


Flourish by Bitten Kari


Earth Without Art by Bitten Kari

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   |   Images = 76





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