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Ayan Ghoshal

Calcutta, WB - India








Ayan Ghoshal

Calcutta, WB - India

Ayan Ghoshal - Fine Artist

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About Ayan Ghoshal

Ayan Ghoshal
D.O.B : 20.11.1970

e-mail : ayan_ghoshal@yahoo.co.in
Contact : Cell : +91 9830381910

Ayan is into paintings from a very early age and has given his viewers a delight through his works
in water, oil, charcoal etc.. Apart from being an art graduate ( Chitra Visarad ), he has participated
in a number of exhibitions and received appreciation for his mastery in all mediums.
He has an entirely different style of expression and, thus, the themes come out with unusual
variety and appeal.
His paintings are a reflection of surrealistic dreams and imaginations where there are no boundaries.
Here humans , human-animals and surreal creatures co-exist in harmony . They talk to each other ,
share moments and silently invade into your consciousness. Whether you are awake or in sleep ,
these thoughts will invite you to float.
In his words : “ We may not perceive many a things in reality , only touch them in our dreams. They
exist but beyond our realm. All these apparently unreal thoughts , realities occupy the centre stage
in my compositions. My own universe of fantasy , dreams personified by their faces and rhythmic
presentation attract me time and again to canvas. “
In this realm wander green devils , snakes , the cunning moon and swan beau…

Ayan is also into poetry , music , acting and takes keen interest in films.

** All of my artworks are Copyrighted . The images may not be copied, reproduced, manipulated or used in any way.

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Vision by Ayan Ghoshal


Owl 6 by Ayan Ghoshal


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Owl 1 by Ayan Ghoshal


Lovers The Lady and the Boy by Ayan Ghoshal


Lovers by Ayan Ghoshal


Mixing Forms by Ayan Ghoshal


Bonolota Sen 1 by Ayan Ghoshal


Dusk by Ayan Ghoshal


Departure of an Artistic Soul by Ayan Ghoshal


Destiny by Ayan Ghoshal


Self Portrait by Ayan Ghoshal


Rose by Ayan Ghoshal


Chosen by Ayan Ghoshal


Spell by Ayan Ghoshal


Fantasy by Ayan Ghoshal


Sight by Ayan Ghoshal


Dream . Lord Gopala and ..... by Ayan Ghoshal


Wandering in Dreams by Ayan Ghoshal


Come Play Me . Birth of a Song by Ayan Ghoshal


Abdul and his Poems by Ayan Ghoshal


White Flower by Ayan Ghoshal


My Way . Amaar Ei Poth by Ayan Ghoshal


The Face by Ayan Ghoshal

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   |   Images = 98





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