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Melissa Krauss

Reading, PA - United States








Melissa Krauss

Reading, PA - United States

Melissa Krauss - Fine Artist

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For me, creating art is all about passion. It's a way for me to breathe life into the visions in my head, without using words, despite how fond I am of the written word. I can be very verbose at times, and have been known to ramble on. I think, that in a way, we all inspire each other, as well as draw inspiration from the things we can see, and the things we perceive. As they say, it's about the journey, not the destination.

Most people call me Mel which is short for Melissa. I'm a fairly private person, I tend to keep to myself. I live in the northeastern part of the US. I'm married, we have 3 children and 1 grandchild I have an assortment of hobbies. Much of my past time on the net revolved around free form, text based role-play, also know as RPG in some circles. I created and played a variety of characters, everything from a deaf old man to a unique immortal warrior. My imagination is still filled with images inspired by my past RPG experiences, some of which are reflected in my artwork.

I rode horses for about 14 years, skied and traveled all around the country. I love to read, I love food, and I cook a great deal. I am, without a doubt, happiest in the woods. There is something about the forest that makes me feel as if I have come home after a long journey. It might be my roots, since I am half Irish on my father's side, with a healthy dose of Native American tossed in from my mother's side.

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