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Arlene Carley

San Pedro, CA - United States








Arlene Carley

San Pedro, CA - United States

Arlene Carley - Fine Artist

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About Arlene Carley

About Me:
Welcome to my little corner of the cyber world! My name is Arlene Carley. I am a self taught fine art photographer living and creating in Southern California. My passion for photography began when 110 film was popular and dropping off rolls of film were the norm. I was that friend always toting my camera. Getting teased about wanting to capture that perfect moment. Torrance Beach was my hangout. RAT beach my home. Hermosa Beach my go to and fun zone. Manhattan Beach welll that was just to far from home. As you can tell the South Bay was my home and inspiration for much of my artwork.

As a photographer I see photographs in everyday moments. Simple. Fleeting. Beauty which surrounds me every day. I am a true artist in the sense I am completely right brained. Intuition, and my passion for life is what fuels my work. Getting soaked in the ocean. Barefoot walks on the sand. The excitement of capturing a perfect moment. Vibrant sunsets. A serene sunrise. The first morning light. Light. Color. Wonder. Nature. Whale Watching. Hiking. Travel. Collecting. Dream Boards. Angel Cards. Moods.

My Work:
My passion is creating art during the digital editing process. I am not a technical photographer, nor digital artist. I know what I know. I create from that knowledge using my intuition as my guide. Each image is its own unique art form. I use the essence of the image to create my art allowing my intuition to be my guide.

Nothing makes me happier than seeing someone smile. Hearing someone tell me a story which my photography has inspired. Or a memory my photography has brought back to life. Inspiration. Serenity. Vibrancy. Fun. Comforting. Natural. Rustic. Home. A sense of Peace. Words I have heard to describe my work. Words I truly honor and embrace as part of my life.

Thank you for visiting my Fine Art America Gallery. I hope my little corner of the cyber world brings to you a smile, or sense of peace to your day.


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Manhattah Beach Sunset by Arlene Carley


After the Storm by Arlene Carley


Monarch Butterflies by Arlene Carley


Grace by Arlene Carley


Taking a Peek by Arlene Carley


Sunset Silhouette by Arlene Carley


Sunset Serenity by Arlene Carley


Manhattan Beach Pier by Arlene Carley


Waiting to Paddle by Arlene Carley


Aquarium and Cafe by Arlene Carley


Moon Rising over Glacier Point by Arlene Carley


Serenity by Arlene Carley


Bridal Veil Rainbow by Arlene Carley


Good Morning San Pedro by Arlene Carley


Soft Evening Light by Arlene Carley by Arlene Carley


Delight by Arlene Carley


Reflections on Twin Lake by Arlene Carley


High Voltage by Arlene Carley


Palos Verdes Sunset by Arlene Carley


Hidden Corner by Arlene Carley


Farmers Market by Arlene Carley

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