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Angelia Hodges Clay

Bassett, VA - United States








Angelia Hodges Clay

Bassett, VA - United States

Angelia Hodges Clay - Fine Artist

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Hello, my name is Angelia H. Clay. I currently live in Cascade, Virginia. As a former Army wife, I have lived in Fayetteville, NC; Seattle, Washington; and Baumholder, Germany. During that time, the places I have traveled to in Europe are Paris, France; Luxemburg, Luxemburg; the Black Forest in Germany; and Barcelona, Spain.

I have traveled many places in the United States including, near my home town, the Blue Ridge Parkway, West Virginia, South Carolina, Cherokee, Elliston Va, horse shows, local wineries and more.

Since before the birth of my grand-daughter, and new twin grandsons, my daughter inspired me with her paintings and her unique style of photography. I have always admired beauty through family and in simple nature. I enjoy art and photography in many forms.

Each of us have special moments in our lives that we cherish. I have learned alot since taking my first photography class and I want to share my life in pictures with you. I hope they inspire you in some way and make you smile.

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All pictures will not be printed with the FAA watermark. All images 2005-2015 Angelia Hodges Clay.
Copying and/or distributing these images without my permission is strictly prohibited.
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