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Lorient, A2 - France








Andre MEHU

Lorient, A2 - France

Andre MEHU - Fine Artist

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Hi, my name is Andre MEHU, I'm French an live in Lorient city which set in Brittany.
I'm a self-taught artist in watercolor.

First it would be advisable to specify that the artwork on these pages are protected by copywright law. It is illegal to copy or reproduce any image without permission of the artist. Thanks. Copyright K6AJ18B.

1989-2003 : For fourteen years I painted watercolor as a hobby, then I stopped for five years.

August 2008: I took again brushes and colors and since this time I've been painting intensively.

November 2008: I created my transparent watercolor web site .

May 2009: French Red Cross chose five Watercolors of mine to edit them in postal cards

August 2009: The trigger: Workshop with spanish artist Dolores Bolanos .
She studied fine art with great spanish painter Josep Martinez Lozano (1923-2006) from Llanca.
He created the Fondation Marti­nez Lozano the first watercolor museum in Europe.
This workshop with Dolores was a revelation. She introduced me to the particularity of watercolor.
She said us watercolor is to 'play with water and pigments'.
With her I have released my imagination, my creativity, and have learnt to take risk and to practice with confidence.
She taught us to work alla prima. With her I understand that watercolor is not only to paint with water.

March 2010: Three watercolors of mine was selected for the exhibition :
'Premier Salon des Artistes Amateurs de la Ville de Quimperle'
It was the first time I exhibited my work.

June 2010: Participation to the third exhibititon 'Nouveaux Talents d'Artistes' in Queven city.
The watercolor 'Koi fishes and waterlilies win the award 'Prize of Queven city' (Prix de la Ville de Queven)

July 2010: Exhibition: salon 'ARTGAVR'2010' at the city of Gavres.
New Award: 'Fisrt Prize of Painting' ('Premier Prix de Peinture').

September 2010: French Red Cross chose twelve watercolors to edit the next year calendar .

March 2011: Two watercolors of mine selected for the show of the Lorient's Fine Art Society.

May 2011: I was present at the 'Larmor Plage's Contest' which thematic was 'Gale'

June 2011: The watercolor 'Monopoli' won the price of the Brittany Watercolor Society (Société des Aquarellistes de Bretagne)at the Brittany Watercolor Show located at Montgermont (RENNES). The jury forewoman was the renowed artist Ewa Karpinska.

Illustration of a literary text in 'Courrier de la Nature' the magazine of the National Society of Nature Conservancy

July 2011: Magazine article about my work in 'Pratique des Arts', a French magazine about Fine Art.

July-August 2011: Present at 'ArtGavr'2011' annual Fine Art show, and first participation at the Plouhinec Fine Art Exhibition

November 2011: Watercolor Show at Riantec.

February 2012: During the Annual Fine Art Show of Lorient two watercolors of mine, 'Cefalu2' and 'Troverne, Guidel' were awarded and won the

April 2012: Four watercolors selected at the fine art show ' Petits Formats, Grands Talents' (Little Sizes, Big Talent)

May 2012: Invited ineligible to compete at the Brittany Watercolor Show located at Montgermont (RENNES)

First Prize in the watercolor category at the Contest of Larmor Plage

July-August 2012: Present at 'ArtGavr'2011' annual Fine Art show, and second participation at the Plouhinec Fine Art Exhibition

September 2012: Personnal show at Doelan

October 2012: Collective show at the Automn feast at Quinquis Clohars-Carnoet.

Décember 2012: First Prize at the Riantec Annual Watercolor show.

January 2013: Guest of honour at the Show of the Artists of Chamalières

February 2013: Annual Fine Art Show of Lorient.

December 2013: Guest of honour at the Riantec Show

March 2014: Prize of the City of Lorient at the Annual Fine Art Show of Lorient

May 2014: Mention at the Larmor Plage Annual Painting Contest

Some of my works are in private and public collections.

In addition I read a lot of art books to complete my knoledges in fine art and especially in watercolor.
I particuliary refer to US artists Frank Webb, William 'Skip' Lawrence and of course Charles Reid, which I think I bought all his books.
I refer too to spanish artists Dolores Bolanos, Manel Plana and Martinez Lozano.


French Red Cross Choose twelve watercolors of mine to edit some greating cards and calendars

I did demos for some french fine art magazines: Pratique des Arts (2011,2112), Plaisir de peindre (2013).

Shortly (2013) some new demos will come.

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