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Alys Caviness-Gober

Noblesville, IN - United States








Alys Caviness-Gober

Noblesville, IN - United States

Alys Caviness-Gober - Fine Artist

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About Alys Caviness-Gober

Juried Member, Hamilton County Artists Association: painting (juried 2015) and photography (juried 2013).

I have always loved art. Both of my parents are artists, and I grew up with artistic projects being a natural part of life. I live in Noblesville, Indiana. As a child, I was diagnosed with an incurable lung disease, therefore physical limitations challenge my life. Artistically, I am self-taught, and I am a juried painter and photographer in the Hamilton County Artists' Association. I started selling artwork locally in 2013; prior to that, I taught Anthropology at the college level. I am an artistic Jack of All Trades, producing poetry, short stories, memoirs, paintings, jewelry, photographs, handpainted shoes/boots/handbags, my Baba Luba Nut Dolls (kitchen witches, angels, and special custom creations) ~ every creation is an expression of my heart and soul.
I write and I paint every day. I've combined many of my poems and paintings in my second volume of poetry (Naked In Wonderland Volume Two, available on, and other online book retailers). I find artistic inspiration everywhere, working on several paintings simultaneously, with inspiration from beloved songs, my own poetry, New Orleans, Mayan ruins at Chichen Itza, Ireland, and causes dear to my heart, like Domestic Violence Survivors and Breast Cancer Survivors.
Currently my originals can be seen in the following local art venues and galleries:
1) Earth Fare (in Hamilton Towne Center, Noblesville, IN), display on the Cafe wall;
2) Logan Street Sanctuary (Noblesville, IN)
3) Nickel Plate Arts (Noblesville, IN)
4) The Birdie Gallery (Hamilton County Artists' Association gallery, Noblesville, IN)
5) Love's Hangover Boutique (Noblesville, IN)
6) Booth #9 in Whimzy Shoppes (Noblesville, IN)

Recent art-related announcements:
1) 'Addiction' ~ finalist in the abstract/experimental category of the 2014 Artist's Magazine international art competition;
2) one of my poems was selected for publication in 'The Gathering' anthology of poetry, published in September 2014 in Dublin, Ireland;
3) my poem 'River' won 2nd place in Blue Mountain Arts' 23rd Poetry Contest;
4) my photograph 'Upper Pontalba Building' was selected to be a 72'x48' window effect in the coffee shop of the Reily Companies corporate headquarters in New Orleans (Reily owns Luzianne, CDM coffees, French Market Coffees, and New England Coffee and Tea, to name a few!);
5) commissioned painting for comic book author Mark Waid of Bruce Wayne's wall safe from the 1960s TV show Batman;
6) I've released my second volume of poetry ('Naked In Wonderland Volume Two' ~ you can find it and my first volume, 'Naked In Wonderland Volume One', on and other online book retailers);
7) The Polk Street Review's 2014 People's Choice Award, for my short film, 'I Hardly Ever Leave Noblesville';
8) memoirs, non-fiction, and poetry publications in 2013 and 2014 editions of The Polk Street Review.

Thank you for looking at my Galleries! I hope you enjoy the artwork!

NOTE: If you are interested in purchasing one of my original paintings, please understand that the prices listed DO NOT INCLUDE all packaging and shipping charges. I use the USPS Shipping Calculator once I have your mailing address, and I always ship with insurance coverage for the purchase price. If you are a buyer OUTSIDE of the continental United States, then additional shipping charges will apply to deliveries to other countries.

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