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Alma Bella Solis - Fine Artist

Alma Bella Solis

Chelmsford, MA - United States








Alma Bella Solis

Chelmsford, MA - United States

Alma Bella Solis - Fine Artist

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February 26th, 2013







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About Alma Bella Solis

Alma's 3 guiding rules in producing fine art work are: 1) accurate observation; 2) emotional power; 3) the ability to make the art subject stand for all humanity using the ten offices of the eye namely darkness, light, body and color, figure and scenery, distance and nearness, movement and repose. Perspective is a permanent rule in her teaching as well as proportion when dealing with human figures. She produces her work in realism of classical realm of the pre- Renaissance, High Renaissance, Impressionism mastering the renaissance techniques of cangiane, unione, and sfumato created by Leonardo. Michaelangelo Buonarroti was the great master artist she admires the most.

Alma holds a bachelor's degree in Liberal Arts with three majors in Industrial Psychology, Philosophy, and English; an MBA ; and was an international academic scholarship recipient by University of Freiburg, former West Germany in MDE leading to PhD ; a scholarship recipient by the Ministry of Education and Culture, Canberra, Australia in GNS. She left her highly successful international recruitment career to become a Roman Catholic cloistered nun.

She is currently an Independent Art Instructor in Bedford, Carlisle, Chelmsford, Derry, Fitchburg State University, Lexington, Littleton, and Newton. Her novel, Alone and All will be available in the market in 2016. Her first published book was a book of poems, Obeying Reason A Book of Poems, and currently working on her third book that is a revised edition of her first book. She became a consecrated bride of Christ last August 2008 with the

Archdiocese of Boston.

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Kitchen Woman holding an Egg by Alma Bella Solis


The Head of BVM and Jesus Christ by Alma Bella Solis


The Face of God by Alma Bella Solis


Mother of Sorrows version 2 by Alma Bella Solis


Prophet Isaiah by Alma Bella Solis


Prophet Jeremiah by Alma Bella Solis


The Four Evangelists by Alma Bella Solis

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