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Alice Gipson

Flagler Beach, FL - United States








Alice Gipson

Flagler Beach, FL - United States

Alice Gipson - Fine Artist

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About Alice Gipson

'The camera makes you forget you're there. It's not like you are hiding but you forget, you are just looking so much.' Annie Leibovitz

That is soo how I feel about my photographs and my photography..I've always loved photos and what they mean to people...they're the essence of the moment..Never to be quite the same again.I started using photos while working in my yellow pages advertising career...taking my customer's photos and pictures of their businesses and then I came up with the idea of using them as 'fill' instead of those inane generic ads....The company that I worked for, Central California Directories, used them for years in the Flagler County Directory and Shopping Guide that was published of my first was of my niece, Erika , running along the beach in her bathing suit as a little girl....Well, she just turned 22 and she's married now, but she's still that little girl to me...

..and my photographs just keep evolving!!!! Especially the ways that I can take my photograph and transform it into FineArt/Artistic/Abstract pieces..

I hope that you ENJOY my works and find something that you want to include in your life!!

All work in this gallery is the original work of Alice Gipson. It is for sale, 2011 Alice Gipson
and, as such, is protected by US & International Copyright laws.

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Smart Grays by Alice Gipson


Leaning Left by Alice Gipson


Red On Her Bike by Alice Gipson


Under The Oaks by Alice Gipson


State Car Keys by Alice Gipson


White Sidewall by Alice Gipson


Sunset And A Sliver Moon by Alice Gipson


Cruising Past The MG by Alice Gipson


From The Sunoco Roost by Alice Gipson


Boat Ready To Go by Alice Gipson


Reel In Hand by Alice Gipson


Sunset Over The Pier by Alice Gipson


Flowered Hat by Alice Gipson


Flowers In A Vase by Alice Gipson


Classics by Alice Gipson


All The Roses by Alice Gipson


Pistals On White by Alice Gipson


Sheep In The Grass by Alice Gipson


Open Wide by Alice Gipson


Crumpled Angel by Alice Gipson


Zigs And Zags by Alice Gipson


Bridge Colors by Alice Gipson


Pelicans Coming by Alice Gipson


Calliope Sunset by Alice Gipson

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   |   Images = 4338





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