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Alethea McKee

Otis Orchards, WA - United States








Alethea McKee

Otis Orchards, WA - United States

Alethea McKee - Fine Artist

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About Alethea McKee

Fostering an appreciation for art became an intense desire for me during the 1960's 'Age of Aquarius' movement. I wanted to be a hippy and join in on the fun. It was a new generation, a new set of ideals, and The Beatles were coming to America. What more could a teenager ask for! All I wanted in life was to grow my hair long, dye it blonde, and paint flowers on my face. THAT was the ultimate groove for me. I had just missed the Beatnik era, (although I would have loved sitting in a smoke filled underground bar wearing a beret, freaking out at some wild pop art, and once in a while going 'wow man'). So with that in mind, I roared into the Love Generation while sitting 2 feet away from our black and white television watching The Beatles slam into America on the Ed Sullivan Show.

Well, I don't paint flowers on my face anymore...instead I use watercolor, art brushes, paints - and most importantly, paper. And instead of sitting in smoke filled groovy underground bars, I now have a studio and allow my art to consume my the dream every artist loves.

Post Note:

My culture, the Eskimo, flows from my heart and soul through my brush. Who is the Eskimo? The Eskimo is a gentle culture and the awareness of who they are seems to be vague and uncertain in today's world. Simply put, it is considered a minority group. Yet, I feel everyone on the face of God's green Earth is a minority. After all, we all struggle with personal identity...needing to be heard, needing to get ahead of the other guy...but hopefully, we are all here to make a difference for the good of mankind. As an elder in my culture, my desire to share who the Eskimo is, touches a personal 'Cause' in me. My desire is to speak to the children of the Eskimo, and to reinforce the love and pride of who they are in this world. Art has created a beautiful source of awareness in the Eskimo life, not only for this generation, but for their future. What an amazing feeling to see art entering a new degree of awareness in the Eskimo culture. I believe the reason I love Sumi art, and thrive to conquer my best with the ink and rice paper, is because of the similarities of the Asian culture vs the Eskimo culture. Also, having lived in Japan has helped me fall in love with it's culture. (PS: An insider's secret...Eskimo's do not live in igloos, but are known to build ice shelters when caught in snow storms).


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Chinese Wild Orchid #4 by Alethea McKee


Bamboo Sunset by Alethea McKee


Inupiaq Eskimo Mother and Child by Alethea McKee


Chinese Wild Orchid 1 by Alethea McKee


Wild Chinese Orchid #2 by Alethea McKee


Wild Chinese Orchid #3 by Alethea McKee


The Fuschia by Alethea McKee


So Little by Alethea McKee


Peace by Alethea McKee


From The Garden by Alethea McKee


Abstract Red Poppy by Alethea McKee


Vases of Beauty by Alethea McKee


Patience by Alethea McKee


Two Little Fishes by Alethea McKee


The Migraine by Alethea McKee


Full On Trout by Alethea McKee


L'forest by Alethea McKee


Two Koi for Words by Alethea McKee


Splendid Bamboo by Alethea McKee


The Eskimo Hunter by Alethea McKee


One Koi by Alethea McKee


Song of Japan by Alethea McKee


Double Bamboo by Alethea McKee


The Great Chrysanthemum by Alethea McKee

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