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Albert Seger

Sagle, ID - United States

Albert Seger - Fine Artist

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About Albert Seger

Award winning Images of the Great Northwest - and beyond...

To me, artistic talent is the culmination of everything observed by the senses from the moment of birth. I Believe, not that a person is born an artist nor that artistic talents lie deep within a person waiting to escape, but that artistic vision starts from day one through the use of senses. Experience is our palette and the colors on our palette are influenced by sensual interpretations. While a thunderstorm may be shown by one artist as dark and foreboding, it may be shown as energetic and awesome by another.

I was introduced to nature and the outdoors early through walks with my parents in the farms and woodlands of rural Connecticut and the Berkshire Mountains. As I grew older, I continued to spend as much time as possible hiking, hunting, and fishing in an ever widening circle around my home town, and I still find beauty in the outdoors from the musty smells of decomposing leaves and logs to the fragrent and sometimes pungent odors of wildflowers in bloom; from the smooth red bark of a Madrone tree to the spiny Devils Club; and from the hoot of an owl to the raspy voice of the raven to the lyrical song of the meadowlark. I am happiest in the great outdoors, especially here in the great northwest.

While you cannot smell the flowers, or hear the wind soughing through the trees, or small animals scurrying through the leaves, or feel the warm sun on your back as you sit atop a large granite boulder enjoying the view, I hope my images will leave you with a full sensual palette through memories of your own experiences.

“Oh yeah, I remember when I.....”

Thank you, and I hope you like what you see. I know I did, and still do.

Al Seger

Artwork is protected by copyright. If you didn't create the image and the image has not been specifically placed in the public domain, you must have permission in writing covering your use of the image. The sale of original artwork does not include the sale of copyright.

All images created by Albert Seger on this or any other web site are the property of the owner and creator, and may not be used or distributed without specific written permission by Albert Seger.

All designs, images and content ©1986-2014 Albert Seger.

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Magpie - 150920A-008 by Albert Seger


Rolling Hills - Deep Valleys - 150920A-005 by Albert Seger


Shasta from Hat Creek - 150919A-007 by Albert Seger


North of Shasta - 150919A-010 by Albert Seger


Great Egret with Reeds - 150909A-017 by Albert Seger


Great Egret - Headshot - 150909A-020 by Albert Seger


Smokey Summer Days - 150826A-001 by Albert Seger


Lake Pend Oreille - 150821A-012 by Albert Seger


Leaving Sandpoint - 150821A-020 by Albert Seger


Firey August Heat - 150821A-015 by Albert Seger


Skies of Smoke and Fire - 150819A-001 by Albert Seger


Aurora and Dipper - 150816A-089 by Albert Seger


Safe at Home - 150813A-181 by Albert Seger


Lightning over Ponderay - 150810A-065 by Albert Seger


Changing Seasons - 150804A-106 by Albert Seger


Sunset Over the Kootenai Valley - 150804A-236 by Albert Seger


Clouds Building over the Purcell Mountains - 150804A-130 by Albert Seger


Bonners Ferry - 150804A-165_ by Albert Seger


Morning Clouds over Pend Oreille - 150720A-129 by Albert Seger


Peeking Through - 150720A-106 by Albert Seger


A Great Day for the Beach - 150720A-019 by Albert Seger


Smokey Gold Hill Sunrise 2 - 150710A-017 by Albert Seger


Smokey Gold Hill Sunrise - 150710A-012 by Albert Seger


Dust and Smoke - 150710A-001 by Albert Seger


Smokey Sunset - 150709A-008 by Albert Seger


Hiding Dragon - 150623A-303 by Albert Seger


Crater Lake - 150623A-168 by Albert Seger


Sisters Oregon - 150622A-038 by Albert Seger


Lyons Ferry Trestle - 150504A-008 by Albert Seger


Pelican Party - 150601A-107 by Albert Seger


Flocked with Hoarftost - 090206-027 by Albert Seger


Rest a bit - 090114-008 by Albert Seger


Foggy Palouse Sunrise - 090114-006 by Albert Seger


Swinging bridge at Kootenai Falls - 090103-052 by Albert Seger


Kootenai National Wildlife Refuge II - 090103-015 by Albert Seger


Kootenai National Wildlife Refuge - 090103-006 by Albert Seger


The Event Center - 090101-005-2 by Albert Seger


A Rare Touch of Sunshine - 090116-007 by Albert Seger


Getting my Ducks in a Row - 150502A-016 by Albert Seger


In and Out of Focus - 150502A-010 by Albert Seger


An Awful Hurry - 150502A-007 by Albert Seger


Glowing in a Winter Sunset - 090102-013 by Albert Seger


Spring - 150410A-001 by Albert Seger


Sandpoint Station - 150402A-012 by Albert Seger


City beach and Windbag Marina - 150402A-042 by Albert Seger


Palouse Falls - 110516-052 by Albert Seger


Northbound through the Palouse 2 - 110516-113-2 by Albert Seger


Northbound through the Palouse - 110516-108 by Albert Seger

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