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99 Bucks

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99 Bucks

Palm Springs, CA - United States

99 Bucks - Fine Artist

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About 99 Bucks

99 Bucks is an annual fundraiser of Palm Springs Art Museum's Artists Council. The images shown are created by celebrities as well as artists around the world on 5 x 7 canvases and signed on the back. The canvases are sold anonymously in an annual event and the $99 collected for each canvas goes to Palm Springs Art Museum's Artists Council and educational programs of the museum. This year's event is April 11, 2015 at 4:30 at the Riviera Palm Springs Hotel, Grand Ballroom. When the doors open there is a mad dash to purchase these little gems and to hopefully snag one by someone famous. We've created this gallery to allow the public to preview the entire exhibition before it flies off the walls. We hope you enjoy! Whatever remains from April 11 will be available for sale through this site for $99 (plus shipping). Please, no inquiries until May 1st 2015.

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E632 Sun Flowers by Anonymous


E308 Portrait Study by Anonymous


E190 Recollections Tiki Bar by Anonymous


E138 Bar Open Last Stop Salton Sea by Anonymous


E129 Dreaming by Anonymous


E631 Deux Poires by Anonymous


E563 Red Rock Mountains Utah by Anonymous


E419 Cool Breeze 2 by Anonymous


E418 Cool Breeze 1 by Anonymous


E309 May I Present You by Anonymous


E560 Space Ferris Wheel by Anonymous


E655 Moonglow by Anonymous


E658 Gold In Them Hills by Anonymous


E637 Dragonfly II by Anonymous


E521 Paradox by Anonymous


E141 ZeeMan In Palm Springs by Anonymous


E689 141 by Anonymous


E688 142 by Anonymous


E100 Carte Postale Poissy by Anonymous


E117 Carte Postale Buis Les Baronnies by Anonymous


E517 Eyes On You by Anonymous


E345 Are They Gone Yet by Anonymous


E569 Spontaneous Dendric Combustion by Anonymous


E566 All That Jazz by Anonymous

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   |   Images = 287





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