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Mary C Farrenkopf

Harrodsburg, KY - United States








Mary C Farrenkopf

Harrodsburg, KY - United States

Mary C Farrenkopf - Fine Artist

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About Mary C Farrenkopf

Mary’s artistic journey began with a fascination for all things bright and beautiful. Growing up in a small Montana town afforded many opportunities to revel in the glory of Mother Nature, but not a lot of cultural opportunity. Second oldest of eleven children, and raised in a very strict traditional Catholic home, Mary was exposed to a lot of religious art as a child and became interested in more contemporary art as she got older.

After Graduating from Stevensville High School in 1992, Mary attended the University of Montana where she studied theater. During this time period she mainly painted with oils and watercolors in her spare time.

Her current focus is primarily encaustic, though she also often works in acrylic and watercolor.

Mary’s work is in numerous private collections around the world and has been exhibited internationally, and she won first place in her first juried exhibition in September of 2011.


Religion, philosophy and an abiding love for nature have influenced me throughout my life. My relationship with religion is a love hate one that often finds its way into my art, often in the form of the ancient Latin prayers that were found in the traditional Mass that I attended throughout my childhood and into my early twenties.
Light and dark, the internal struggles that we are all engaged in, the beauty that lies in deep sorrow, these are all reflected in my work.
Encaustics and their tactile, seductive, enduring nature, as well as their versatility have really found themselves a loving home in my heart. I can't help but smile when I smell the wax heating up, and the lush, luminous colors of beautifully pigmented wax make my heart pound in a way that no other medium does. The ability to, in a way, fossilize little bits of nature in another naturally occurring substance appeals to the Henry David Thoreau in me. The brilliance of the wax can help to liberate the spontaneous abstract energy that helps me release pent up emotion.

I've decided not to offer prints of some of my paintings that I've sold the original to. It doesn't sit right in my gut, so I've left the photos as part of my body of work, and to give you an idea of what I'm capable of, but there will be no prints offered of A Good Strong Knot, What Sits Behind My Eyes, or Childhood in the Beautiful 'Root. If you like those paintings and would be interested in commissioning me to do something in that vein, please contact me directly. Also, for those of you that like to collect original work, please know that nothing brings me more pleasure than providing you with art that speaks to your soul, and if you find yourself interested in a piece that carries some personal significance, I will be more than willing to consider affording you the same privilege. Sometimes a piece becomes a direct and intimate conversation between the painter and the collector, and I believe that it is only right that it remain so.

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